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Hi I will be graduating next month and was wondering how many of you were able to work with just a diploma before you took you boards or had jobs before you graduated. How much can you do? And how do I begin my search? I dont know where to start. Any advice would be appreciated.


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It depends on the state -- some state BONs allow "graduate nurse" status and some don't. If you're in a state that doesn't, there is no possibility. Even if you're in a state that does have GN status, more and more employers are choosing to not hire people prior to being licensed, because of the hassle and inconvenience for them if the person doesn't pass boards the first time -- it's easier for them to only deal with folks who are already licensed.

I'm sure the faculty in your program know and can tell you whether or not you'll be eligible for GN status when you graduate.


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I got hired and worked at a LTCF as a "GVN" for about 2 weeks while I was waiting and studying to take the NCLEX. There was not really any difference between the practice between an LVN and a GVN, other than the title. Every state is different so you will have to find out through your BON. In Texas, once you graduate you are given a limited time of a temporary "permission to practice" before you become licensed.

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