New Grad Salary in NYC


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Nellynyc, BSN, RN

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11 hours ago, Pac0898 said:

Thank you for this! graduate in august and was wondering about NYU. Is there a specific new grad posting or just any RN posting is open, with new grads doing a residency? 

They post new grad postings for Fall and Spring Grads. So I'm not sure when you should apply. But they probably hire year round for med surg.

11 hours ago, JWEMT said:

That doesn't seem to competitive anymore. Maimonides Med starts at 99k with 2k BSN differential. 6K night shift differential.

I wonder how their benefits are. Insurance etc



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1 hour ago, Nellynyc said:

I wonder how their benefits are. Insurance etc

I can tell you for 2K a year union dues you get pension, full health insurance, 13 days off (4 weeks), 8 holidays, 3 conference days.


For comparison NYU has 4.5 weeks vacation im not sure about holidays and personal days, their top tier  health plans is about 6 k a year for family, they give like 4-5% a year in 403b



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On 9/18/2015 at 11:29 PM, flarelynx said:

new grads in nyc since it's a top ranking private hospital. I knew NYP paid well but I didn't know it was that wel

It is paying that because it does not want to lose nurses,and they want to keep the union out.It does not pay that out of the goodness of their soul and love of nurses.This is a mistake many make,you must look at staff turnover rates,floating nurses out of their home units,retirement benefits,how many conferences they send you each year .NYC is 5 different towns each with its own personality,wages,cost of living.Manhattan is most expensive if you want a nice safe area.