New grad RNs and NPs: has any employer asked to see your transcript...

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Or wanted you to be at the top of your class when you graduated? I'm not NP but I asked because I'm curious and would like to become one.

Hopefully this is in the right place. If not, sorry about that.

also, for anyone curious about my situation I'm almost a new grad. I'll be graduating in about two weeks.

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Nope. Never had anyone ask for my transcript or what my GPA was at any job opportunity even gone to when I was a new grad.

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New NP here. Every potential employer required my transcript prior to making an offer. One reason is to confirm I actually went to NP school and finished it. They don't care if you have a 4.0, but do want to see that you got reasonable grades.

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New RN. My employer required a copy of my transcript at time of hire. It wasn't so much for specific GPA as to confirm that I graduated in good standing from the school I said I went to and with the degree I claimed to hold.

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The job I am in now required transcripts from graduating with my MSN. Otherwise nobody cared.

I think some of it might depend on the organization/company you are interviewing for and the demand/availability of positions. I am a new grad, interviewed with a great health system in my area. Some hospitals for the same organization required a minimum 3.2 GPA for GN positions (cuts off a certain amount of applicants), while some of their other locations required at least a 3.0. Same applies for requesting to see the transcripts - some required a copy while others didn't.

And I saw similar requirements from other hospital systems. With little-to-no hospital experience in the medical field, most big hospitals use GPA as a tool for their selection process. But once you get some RN experience under your belt they won't care what your GPA was!

Congratulations for graduating and good luck on your Job Search!

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