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[h=1]Hi Everyone. I'm revising my resume and I want to include my preceptorship and clinical experiences.

1) Does this format work to include my clinical rotations? I don't want to explain each rotation because it's pretty self-explanatory and repetitive for the descriptions.

2) What should I put for objective? Should I include my work ethic and personality type traits in this part as I've seen some people do on here? Or just keep it basic?

3)It's currently a little over 1 page, I need to trim it down or fix the spacing

Thank you!!!!



[h=1]Experience[/h][h=2]XXX Hospital, XXX, XX - Intensive Care Unit February 2013 to present

Senior Preceptorship


  • Care management of patients with complex medical and surgical disorders

  • Perform nursing assessments on critically ill patients
  • Administer oral, nasogastric and gastric tube medications as ordered
  • Perform wound care and dressing changes
  • Perform suctioning of mechanically ventilated patients
  • Maintain close and constant monitoring on critically ill patients

[h=2]XXX Hospital, XXX, XX - Medical/Surgical Unit October 2012

[/h][h=2]XXX Hospital, XXX, XX - Intensive Care Unit September 2012[/h][h=2]XXX Hospital, XXX, XX - Psychiatric Unit April 2012

[/h][h=2]XXX Hospital, XXX, XX - Labor & Delivery / Postpartum Unit March 2012

[/h][h=2]XXX Hospital, XXX, XX - Pediatric Unit February 2012


[h=1]Additional Experience[/h][h=2]XXX, XX - Behavioral Health Unit October 2011 to present

Behavioral Health Technician[/h]

  • Provide appropriate emergency care and maintain safe environment
  • Provide basic nursing care within scope of practice
  • Assist patients in the development of appropriate methods of self-expression
  • Participate in admission procedures and orient patient to unit and program


[/h][h=2]AAAA University May 2013

[/h]Bachelor of Science - Nursing


[h=2]BBBB University May 2010

[/h]Bachelor of Arts - Psychology


[h=1]Volunteer Activities

[/h](A A name here) Mentor

(B B name here) Community Center Volunteer

(C C name here) Peer-to-Peer Mentor

(D D name here) Child Development Center Volunteer

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