New Grad RN Question


New Grad RN Question

I am a new graduate nurse that resides in New Jersey (a compact state). I just accepted a job in Florida, also a compact state. Am I required to get a compact license, or can I just get a single state license for Florida? Today I applied through the Florida Board of Nursing & it let me submit an application for a singe state license. I don't think it would have let me if it wasn't allowed?

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Yes you can get a single FL state license.  After you obtain a drivers license there, you can then place NJ compact license on hold and obtain FL compact license if desired as want to work in nearby state or do telehealth.

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Hi:) yes that's correct, you just need to apply to a Florida State license. One of my colleagues came from another state and she started working straight away. The hospital gave her 6 months to get a Florida License. 
Best of Luck to your new journey!!

Yes, if you have a  New Jersey compact license you can work in Florida with that license. Once you establish residency in Florida, you are required to apply for a Florida license (either compact or single state-whichever option you prefer) and give up your New Jersey compact license. So you can:

  • Have a New Jersey single state license and a Florida single state license
  • Or a Florida compact license
  • Or a Florida single state license

Some people don't like paying the  extra fee for a compact license; I don't think it is really that much more money.

And, if you haven't gotten a New Jersey license, it is perfectly OK to get a single state Florida license. Personally I think it is a great idea to get a compact license as there are now 38 states and 2 US territories in the NLC.