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new grad RN jobs nj

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Hello everyone! Nurses, friends of nurses, family of nurses, nurse managers, directors of nursing departments, HR, and anyone I left out!

I am a new graduate and have recently passed the oh so dreaded, exacerbating, and feared nclex! With 2 years of hospital experience as a clinical care tech but no RN experience! I've been desperately applying to jobs to no avail because everyone wants experience! to make matters worse many of the bsn requirements have created another road block. Though I have a previous bachelors degree and am willing to go back no one seems to care.

In any case, I'm writing here because I would appreciate any form of advice or connections! Does anyone know of any useful resources, job fairs, RN residency programs, departments in your hospital or institution that may be hiring?

thanks a bundle!

Ni NurseTash25,

I never anticipated it would be this difficult to find a job as a nurse. Its quite frustrating but one just just has to be hopeful. Have you looked into nurse residency programs?? NJ doesn't seem to have any so you have to be willing to relocate. I am a NJ resident but have a PA license and have mostly been looking out of state.

Good luck on you search....

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If you have 2 year experience as a tech, you definitely have a higher chance to land a job!! Did you apply to your own hospital? I know quite handful of techs who got hired in their own unit right after they passed NCLEX, but most or all of them were BSNs. Reach out to people you worked with for references, and any possible job openings. And don't forget to follow up after online job application. I always always followed up either by phone call or email and kept doing it until I heard some kinds of answers. To them, every online job application looks probably same, you have to stand out somehow by calling and emailing them multiple times. Also obtain BLS, ACLS, PALS, IV therapy certificate if applicable. I was able to land my dream job in a busy inner city level 2 ER without any experience as a fresh new grad(3 Months after NCLEX) The only experience I had was 6 month volunteering in the ER during my last semester in ABSN school......and obtained ACLS, PALS and IV therapy certificate. Tweak your resume and also mention your plan to go to school for BSN. GOOD LUCK!!!! :D

Thanks a lot for your response! The thing is I've been working as a float at my hospital so though it makes me adaptable it's like I don't have a full home. I did get my acls and pals, so I'll go for the Iv certification and add that I'll be pursuing my bsn. And as for your ER job, that is awesome!

i graduated from Bergen CC in spring 2013 and knew it would be difficult to find a hospital job but had no idea it would be THAT hard. Started in home private duty in pads and while the paycheck was very decent, i was bored to the point of tears. Managed to stay there for 2 months taking care of trach/ vent patient and a preterm infant with a nj tube and cpap -learned a lot but it was time to move on. Landed a job in a LTC on subacute - was the worst! overworked, with the commute of 1 hour each way i was simply miserable. However i learned a lot. I left after 6 months and started applying like crazy to no avail. Got ACLS, basic arrhythmia and IV certs. a week after i got my acls i went to a rn open house at a local hospital - i knew that was my chance to "sell" myself. And low and behold - i did!.Got a job on ICU step down. In the orientation class all RNs shared that they had been looking for a job for at least a year and all got hired after the interview at the open house. They all admitted that applying online and using their connections to nurse managers didn't work. One RN's father is an ICU Nurse at the hospital she has been working for 6 years as a tech. And they did not hire her after she graduated from nursing school ( even though she was enrolled in BSN immediately after graduation). One RN used her connections to give her resumes to nurse managers through the nurses already working on the units. Nada. Until they came to the open house. THere have been quite a few open houses for different health care systems. I would look into all of them ( even those that say experience required. It can come down to how well you will be able to convey your enthusiasm and burning desire to work for this particular hospital. ACLs and tech experience will put you on top of the new grads' list. Good luck!! i was absolutely desperate to find a hospital job! i had great connections in many hospitals in NY, however none of them pulled through to land me a job. Until i took the bull by the horns ;-) persevere and you will get there. And if you get interviewed - follow up on it not only with HR but try to get through to the manager who interviewed you.

Thank you so much for really detailing about your experience and your encouragement! I've been feeling like a stalker lately trying to hunt down some managers but you've got to do what you got to do right! Thanks again

Yeah I was considering applying for licensure in other states to keep my options open but I may give it a little more time before doing so. And thank you!

Atlantic Health and Barnabas had open houses where many new grads where interviewed (and some hired). i was told that Palisades Hospital will take the resume in person and they consider it a good sign if the applicant keeps calling to follow up. I had my IV and basic arrhythmia courses there - the nurse educator said that they mostly hire new grads and give them a 12 week orientation with all certifications. she insisted that i keep calling and basically "stalk" them. I know st. mary's in passaic and meadowland's hired too.

Yeah I actually went to the open house at st barnabas but they required you to have a year of experience to solely be considered. It looks like I just missed the dates for the hiring learning at Atlantic health but I did not know about palisades! I will definitely be doing that! Thanks a bundle GlossyViolet!

I am on the same boat as you are. I just got my license and I can't apply to jobs cause mostly require experience. I graduated with bachelor's degree but have no experienced whatsoever. Im kinda freaking out already.

Well congrats to you! Is it a struggle or what!! But don't freak out, I've accepted that it's going to take a while but it will happen and once it does we'll be coasting. Meanwhile we just have to be applying and talking to people like never before!

Hello all! Thanks for all your feedback throughout my job hunt! Thought I would let you guys know I finally got a job!!!! I'm beyond excited! I got a job in the OR at a level 1 trauma hospital! Joyful isn't the word. So blessed! And to all still searching keep being persistent, stay confident in your abilities and when in doubt, pray! Happy holidays everyone!