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Hello all!!!

So I just came back from an interview today, and I was offered a RN case manager position at a home health agency. I will be doing a lot of paperwork, and coordinating the care between the nurses, doctors, therapists and patients. It's a lot to deal with but they are willing to provide the proper training and they are well aware that I'm a recent graduate with close to NO experience in the home health agency field. Also, they said after a few months they will let me have 1-2 patients to myself so that I can become familiar with that aspect and not lose my "nursing" skills because case management is ultimately like an office job.

Now, here's my concern... my heart belongs in the hospital setting. I LOVE LOVE patient care, and i'm SO afraid that if I take this job I will be limiting myself to always working in a home health care setting and will never get the chance to do hospital work.

The problem is where I live, there are absolutely NO job opportunities right now for new grads. No one is hiring!!! So to pass up this opportunity is crazy in itself. If I do take the job, I will have to commit to one year.

In conclusion, it's a double edge sword. Damned if I do, Damned if I don't.

Can someone offer some peice of advice, do you think I will still be able to find a hospital job a year from now with "case management" experience.

Please share your stories :) I'm all ears.

I have both. This job is not legitimate.

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A classmate of mine accepted a position that sounds very very similar to this. She is outrageously happy, enjoys her set hours and found she loved it even more than the bedside experiences she had in clinicals.

If jobs are scarce, you should accept it. You can continue applying elsewhere.

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