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Hi all!

I have been lurking for a few days now and finally decided to ask some questions.

I have recently graduated and have a few questions about the resume.

1. I am getting conflicting advice about whether or not to include an objective.

Has anyone gotten a job without including an objective?

2. Should each section on the resume be separated by lines?

3. Should the headers be put in bold face?

4. If you are applying for a med-surg position, should you include all of your med-surg clinical experiences or just the ones realavent to the position. For example if you are applying to an oncology position and did an oncology rotation.

Thank you all very much!


1. Proper resumes always have an objective.

2. No lines to separate anything, just spaces.

3. Headers could be bolded, not necessarily required though. Looks nicer.

4. You should include ALL experience.

With that being said my manager never even looked at my resume. :'( Id worked so hard on it too. LOL

With that being said GOOD LUCK!! Im sure it will look superb!



I didn't have an objective on my resume, but I got called for interviews at university hospitals and got a job offer as a new grad RN before I graduated. As a new grad, it's obvious that you want a full-time RN position. Try to make the resume stand out by using colored headings or by not using the traditional format.

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I disagree with the use of colored headings and non-traditional formats. When I review resumes, I am looking for one that is clear, concise and to the point. It should be no more than two pages in length, on white or off-white paper. When I see frills (odd fonts, strangely colored paper, report covers, odd formats) I wonder what personal deficiencies that the writer is trying to distract my attention from. Your resume can be thrown out for trying too hard just as easily as for not trying hard enough. Also, proof read it several times. Misspelled words are a killer.

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night_starlight and orca, check my 2cents on this other thread,

my resume is also attached on that thread.

I do use color, non-traditional stuff, although very sparingly. I figure i want to stand out in a pile of hundreds of resos, so far people have told me they like it, what do you think?

What I meant by nontraditional wasn't the use pf informal fonts and colors or frilly borders. You should use classy and timeless colors and fonts.

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Hello.. I just joined this website... Need a little guidance....

I just graduated in May... I FINALLY got to schedule my NCLEX, but I don't how to word it in my Resume that I have my Exam date... and what heading to put it under?? OR do I just don't put that at all?? Any Suggestions would be appreciated.

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I was on a job interview panel last week. One of the applicants handed in a resume that was - wait for it - eight pages long. One of the panelists said (before the applicant came in, of course) "I don't know whether to read this or wait for the miniseries." If you include too much information in a resume, you leave nothing to talk about.

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After reading several posts here I did not include an objective, but I am now debating if this is a good idea. I also made my resume one page only, but I think being that I worked at my last employer for so long and during different ownerships I should be more to the point in my experience. I have redone it and it is two pages long.

Orca, would you mind if I send you my resume via email so that you can guide me if I need to make changes. I would love to get an expert in hiring nurses look over my resume. At school we got a quick introduction on this, but I did not feel they did a good job in this.

Here in South Florida, most hospital wants applications through their website and upload the resume. On the one interview that I have gotten so far, I did this and also took one in person and handed it to one of the managers who interviewed me.

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