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New Grad Pediatric Stepdown Unit Interview

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_Cecilia_ is a BSN, RN and specializes in Pediatrics.

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I'm a New Grad RN who will be interviewing for a Pediatric Stepdown unit. This is my first interview, and I am incredibly anxious.

I wanted to know: What scenario questions should I expect? Will they ask me more about intervening for specific diseases? Should I even expect scenario questions? (I've been told by another that she didn't get scenario questions)

Thank you!

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_Cecilia_ is a BSN, RN and specializes in Pediatrics.

2 Articles; 68 Posts; 1,105 Profile Views

No worries on this!

For those who will have a similar interview in the future:

I ended up doing well on the interview and getting an offer.

As a New Grad RN, I brought a portfolio that included a resume, CV, list of recommendations, my certifications, awards, organizations that I'm a part of (volunteer/professional) with one picture of me working at each, preceptor evaluation and Resident Assistant Supervisor evaluation.

I met with the Nurse Manager and Nurse Educator and started off with conversations about what was in my portfolio -- specifically about what my volunteer organizations involved, my clinical experiences, and what the unit will entail (and what are my thoughts on it). They proceeded by asking me one scenario question and asked if I had any questions for them.

I asked:

  • What did you find the most rewarding and most challenging working with the Pediatric population?
  • What is your nurse-to-patient ratio?
  • How is your unit's culture like? (And we ended up joking around and having a conversation because I stated that I was going to ask this question, but I saw two nurses acting silly outside when they were free, so it gave me a good idea).
  • When will I hear back from you by?

They did preface that they love New Graduates!

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