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I was already hired on a stroke unit and went through the interview process about a month ago, which was great. I felt prepared and confident during this interview! At this time, the manager only had part time work available, which I gladly accepted. More recently, a more full-time position came up, which I applied for. When I was called in for a second "interview," I assumed that this would be relatively informal and I didn't prepare much at all! I've had lots of other non-nursing jobs and have been promoted within the company and never required a second "formal" interview...

When I got to the interview, there was a panel... and I felt my nerves kick into high drive... I tried the best I could, but it's hard for me to communicate clearly when I am unprepared and on edge. Now I'm second guessing a lot of my answers to the interview questions and the stress is eating me! I was extremely honest and forthright throughout the interview, but I could have given more details about why I am a great nurse. I found that it was difficult to find lots of examples when my nerves were on edge. I answered a few questions really well with great examples, but there were many vague answers as well!

Any advise or words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated! I'm feeling pretty down in the dumps, and I'm hoping the company is not regretting hiring me in the first place.

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This sounds about right (the interview process that is). If you are a part time worker who has only been there a month they probably don't feel as though they know you well enough to give you a full time position just because you applied for it. Full time positions at my hospital are hard to come by and are almost always snapped up right away by someone with seniority. Always, always, always take any interview seriously. If worse comes to worst, they can't fire you for interviewing poorly and you can stay at part time status.

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Thanks for posting your story and lesson re need to take all interviews seriously and come prepared. It's second nature to guess our selves after an interview.Managing ones nerves during an interview is key to appearing poised and confident --as I learned the hard way.


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Send an email to everyone on the panel. Thank them for their time and apologize for nervous behaviour. Expand on the vague answers you gave and thank them again for their time. Don't leave the situation as is. You can still make a good impresssion.