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New Grad and new to area needs advise

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Hi there everyone.I am a new grad who recently moved here to Las Vegas and very happy to be here. For the past month I have been applying everywhere and getting no responses from HR. I have read up on how tough it is to get a job here without being from here and the time of year it is. I had recently posted the thread on Summerlin since I really don't know too much of the hospitals of this area. I did get an offer from them at the women's center doing med-surge. Not my ideal choice, but as a new grad and very little prospects it doesn't look so bad. Anyhow, I get a call from Sunrise HR to call them back for a med-surge position. I've read previous threads on Sunrise too. 2 very different hospitals , and for being recently relocated here any advise is well appreciated, Thanks!

I'm also moving out to Vegas but I won't be out there until Feb when I finish school. I was just out there a couple weeks ago trying to get a feel for hospitals and how hard it will be to get a job. What area are you wanting to focus on? I want to work oncology so everyone I spoke with in the area said Sunrise was a good hospital for that. I also work for HCA here in Mo and looking at doing a transfer to make life easier. From what I've been told if you work for one HCA you pretty much know what all of them are like. As far as Summerlin all I heard was it is a newer hospital nice but nothing else. You also want to take into account where you live and traffic. I would find out which hospital has a better orientation and possibilities to get moved into an area you actually want to end up in so your not stuck in med/surg and doing something you don't like. Hope that helps.


the only difference i know between these two is, Sunrise is a busy hospital as compared to Summerlin. Summerlin hospital is in good area.

I have a question, are these hospitals asking you to sign any contract like two year or one year. I am asking this because i amgraduating in Dec 2008 and i have to find a job.

good luck and welcome to Vegas!!!!!!!!!!!!! :yeah:

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I've done clinicals at both and they are definitely very different hospitals. Sunrise is located in a not so desirable section of town and get alot of indigent & low income (with all absent preventative care that comes with that category) clientele. Med surg 4East if alot of psych and med surg, Med surg 4West has alot of post strokes. I liked 4West the best because of all the post strokes and total care clients I had. Lots of drains, tubes, etc. It's very intense there but you learn alot. It's almost like a teaching hospital. I had a good rapport with the nurses.

Summerlin is in the more prestigious part of town and caters to those individuals. Nice new facilities. Nice staff. Higher pay. But I was bored out of my mind. It just didn't have the acuity level I craved. I'm an action kinda girl and I love ordered chaos so having alot of nice clients with minor health problems didn't really enthuse me. Needless to say I'm working at Sunrise now.

Best advice is to bypass HR entirely. Contact the unit managers of the areas you want to work in directly. HR out here is hideous to navigate. But if a unit manager requests to interview you and wants to hire you HR will do exactly what the UM wants.

Good luck and welcome to sunny las vegas!:nurse:


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