New Grad: Need Help with Writing Resume and Cover Letter

Dear Nurse Beth, I'm a new grad RN and I'm looking for a resume and cover letter writing service specialized in nursing. Could you recommend one to me?

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New Grad: Need Help with Writing Resume and Cover Letter

Congrats, you graduated nursing school! What a huge and happy accomplishment.

While I do not know of a nursing resume service, there are some important guidelines for successful resumes and cover letters.


Here are some key articles written here on allnurses

Cover Letters

Limit your cover letter to one page, with three to five or six short paragraphs, in a pleasing layout with ample white space. White space provides contrast to dense text and gives your reader bite-size information a little at a time with a visual and mental break in between. Readers are more likely to leave their eyes on a document that provides visual respite.

Use keywords from the job description. Application-tracking software (ATS) is programmed to pick up the keywords, skills, and experience for the job.

#1 Avoid cliches and buzzwords (detail-oriented, team player)

#2 Cover letters and resumes must be error-free. Grammatical errors are seen as an indicator of careless performance

#3 Set yourself apart. Do this by making yourself memorable; give an example that shows what a good fit you'll be.. Remember- words tell, stories sell

#4 Have a beginning (reference the position; if you know someone in the organization, mention it here) middle (show how you're a good fit), and an end (positive with call-to-action or next step)

#5 Do not use "To Whom it May Concern". Find out the name of the hiring manager

Close with a call to action


You must also start preparing for your interviews because your well-written and focused resume is going to land you interviews ?

Hope this helps and good luck!

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Hi! Nice to meet you! I especially love helping new nurses. I am currently a nurse writer with a background in Staff Development, Telemetry and ICU.

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