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New grad moving to Oahu

by a_brenn98 a_brenn98 (New) New Nurse Student

Hi everyone! My boyfriend and I plan to move to Oahu after I graduate from nursing school next year (I will be graduating with a BSN). We do plan to live there long-term! I have heard that it is very difficult for new grad nurses to find jobs there and I was just wondering if anyone had any tips or additional information! Anything would be helpful!


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I used to live in Oahu and your best bet is to become a CNA or volunteer at your hospital of choosing. I had a few friends who went through the nursing program there and had paid to get professional resumes done and some of them were able to land jobs. I also have a friend who works as a home health nurse but is not making nearly as much as they could. Best bet is to apply but prepare to spend at least a year of CNA/volunteer work.


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To further back up what Nurse2417 said this is exactly what was told to a group of graduating nurses last year at my school HPU. I was shocked, to say the least. I would not be able to repay any loan on the amount a CNA makes and would probably make more money serving chili at Zippy's.

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If you can, I would stay on the mainland for at least a few years to get a good amount of experience. I would also say Hawaii is at least 10-15 years behind the mainland when it comes to hospitals.


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Hey there, I am in a similar situation and was curious to how your transition went. Do you have any recommendations? 

Hi there! I am in the same boat as you. Did you have any luck?