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I'm a new grad in oakland county, MI. Which hospitals in the area are hiring? I looked at several large hospitals' websites and they are only hiring for part time/contigent AND you need 2-3 years of experience, no new grads! :crying2:

Any advice for a new grad?


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The advice I have seen in other threads on this forum is to try nursing homes, hospices, long term care facilities, prisons/jails, anywhere that will hire you to get the experience that you need. The economy is bad, it's affecting hospitals, and hospitals are currently pickier about hiring people with no experience.


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I know it is hard! Try posting in the michigan section....


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Its tough right now. I was looking at job postings in my hospital, all the ICUs are not hiring new grads, unless they were a tech. Keep looking, keep applying and even apply to LTAC. You gotta get your skills somewhere.