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Hi everyone,

I know there is a similar thread regarding Americans moving to Melbourne, but I have a few more simplistic questions.

I am a new grad without any hospital experience since I just passed the boards in June. I want to move to Australia to work because there are absolutely no new grad jobs in the Bay Area. My plan thus far is to get a Working Holiday Visa and once I'm there try to transition into a hospital job. I know I may need to take on a restaurant or cafe job in the mean time- but is this realistic? What are my chances of being hired in a hospital without experience? My specialty is labor and delivery, but I know that I wouldn't be able to do that since I'm not a midwife. Does Australia have nurses for other perinatal areas without needing to be a midwife?

Others who have done something similar- is there an easier way to go about this?

Thanks in advance!

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First where is the "bay area"?

Second not to rude but if you have no experience you don't have a specialty. You have an area that you'd like to work in.

Some of the maternity hospitals might employ nurses that are not midwives in some areas of delivery. The private hospitals are more likely to do this. I know when I did agency I got sent to a post natal ward because they were desperatly short staffed.

Sorry, the bay area is the San Francisco bay area in California. Secondly, correct I do not have any experice so technically no real speciality- however labor and delivery is we're I completed over 300 hours and what I chose to do my last senior rotation in. I have the most training in that area. Thanks for your response.

Downers: Agencies are not supposed to take on nurses from overseas that have not worked in Australian health system.

Do you realise how different it is over here, doc orders are apparently different we work on 2/24 4/24 8/24 etc etc for

ivs. Rns are expected to change and run ivs through pumps -no iv specialist teams. Rns in most hospitals are just that - do everything, usually there can be lifting teams and thats about it in big hospitals, no other teams to help RNs do all the basic care some bigger hospitals have brought in nursing assistants.

Medications have all different names here, ordered as BD TDS, nocte, mane, daily - do not know if this is different.

Panadol and morphine I know are different names and so are all hypertensives cardio vascular drugs the only thing same is insulin. BGL's are hypos 3.5mmol/L hypers are 15mmol/L. HbA1c we aim at 7%.

Melbourne is not the place to approach hospitals for sponsorships, as the bridging courses for nurses from ESL countries are mostly in Melbourne and have flooded the market. Also many migrant areas have attracted overseas nurses. Though private hospitals may just have some positions. May be lucky for a nursing home but this area I heard has been well supplied with the bridging schools.

Uppers: Public hospitals in Sydney seem to be sponsoring and one nurse from the Phillipines reports being sponsored by a big private hospital in Sydney as she was considered a midwife in the Phillipines but does not qualify here. Hospital has employedher in the maternity ward and is paying for her to do her post grad in mid this year. pm me if you want the hospital name.

I want the hospital name please pm me.. Im from the philippines currently taking my 3months ER training at st. Luke's and im interested in going to sydney

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