New Grad looking for Work, not much experience, losing skills...


I just graduated with a ADN, Passed the NCLEX and now looking for my first job. I am a certified CNA but during nursing school I did private home care a couple of nights overnight, it was great for studying and having time to concentrate on school. However now I am regretting not getting my foot in the door somewhere to help me get employment now.

I feel I didn't get alot of clinical experience on the floors I was on during most rotations, so am a little nervous about not having enough skills and experience. It seems the longer it takes me to find employment the less confidnent I feel I will know what I am doing once I am hired somewhere.

I want to coninue and get my BA however I feel I need to get in the field and start working on skills... Help!

Anyone have any encouraging advice or suggestions for me?




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Check with local free clinics for volunteer opportunities until you find a med-surg floor.


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If you or your family knows anyone who works in any local hospitals you should speak to them! Also, call local hospitals and arrange a shadow day if they have one available. Good Luck on your search and don't give up!! :)


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The above are good suggestions and also when you do get a job, they will be aware that you are a new grad. They understand that you did not learn everything there is to know in nursing school. All nursing school IMO does is tell you that you know enough not to kill someone your first day as an other words lol, its saying you are sufficient to perform at the novice level and that you know the basics of nursing care and are able to learn and apply knowledge. You will learn most everything on the job. Thats just how it goes!!! So take a deep breath and know that you got this far for a reason. Don't be intimidated. Spend your energy on learning and not worrying over what you don't know. You're an RN! :nurse:

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First of all, most nursing students do not get enough clinical experience on their rotations in nursing school. Their experiences are usually hit or miss. And... most new grads feel nervous about not having enough skills or experience once they do get on the floor. That is natural, because they don't. Only experience will make you begin to feel more comfortable. I did the same thing as you, I did not apply for nursing jobs until after I passed the NCLEX, because I felt that the need to concentrate on school and studying for the NCLEX were my first priorities. If you are worried about losing skills, review your technical skill texts and (this may sound stupid), use everyday objects to simulate IV's, Foley's, etc. Ask your family and friends to let you auscultalate their heart, lungs. and bowel sounds. I would advise against giving an enema! Also keep up on your physiology, because nursing envolves so much more than technical skills. As far as being a new grad, when you do look for a job, I would make sure that you will be given enough time for orientation---at least four weeks and with a preceptor. You will do fine, because from your post, it is obvious that you want to become a good nurse.


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"call local hospitals and arrange a shadow day if they have one available."

Wow, didnt know you could do that!!:o What does one say and to whom?



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I agree with the other posts, don't give up. It took a whole year for me to get my first job, and it was at an LTC. I just got a job at a detox center, and I'm totally loving it. I got tons of experience at the LTC, but definitely didn't want to stay there. Maybe you should try applying at an LTC? The experience helped me to keep and even sharpen my bedside skills. Best wishes to you, but please don't give up : )