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New Grad looking for ICU review


Hello, I recently got my license and first job offer. It's part time night shift in the ICU, which is where they wanted me to work, but not exactly where I applied to or expected. I precepted in med surg and put all of my studying into med surg, because that's where I expected to be hired.

Does anyone know of any review courses of any kind, in person, online or otherwise, specifically aimed at ICU nursing?

I've been reading through my critical care book, but am not sure where to start.

Any advice or links of any kind is appreciated! Thanks!

Ruby Vee, BSN

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Start with the ACLS manual. It presents information in a straight-forward, easy to understand manner and it covers basic rhythms, emergency drugs and their doses and uses and basic code protocols. But you'll be studying a lot once you start your new job -- there will be classes and homework. So go to movies, see your friends and recreate in your preferred fashion now, while you have the time. Congratulations and good luck.

You should be eternally grateful to have landed an ICU job. I'd give anything to be offered that position. You must be very intelligent if they put you there instead of med surg (not that med surg nurses aren't smart). Good luck. Since you are starting out already in ICU, you will achieve great things and go far in life.

Google "ICU FAQs." It's a humorous learning website that deals with common equipment, diagnosis and medications you'll experience in icu and nursing in general. I'm a newer icu nurse, but you are more than welcome to message me if you have questions and we can muddle through it together ^_^

traumaRUs, MSN, APRN, CNS

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