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Hello all. I am a new ADN grad and I am hoping to land a job in psych which is where I know I want to be. Any ideas of place that will hire new grads in maryland? Preferably the Howard County area near Baltimore? I am going to apply to some of the state hospitals hear but wondering if anyone out there had other suggestions!



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Sheppard Pratt is all psych, so give that a shot! Also, Union Memorial has a psych unit and so does Maryland General and St. Joseph's and Howard County General and pretty much everywhere. Johns Hopkins has several different floors of psych too.


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I know Union Memorial is hiring for their psych unit and I think they're probably new grad friendly. I interviewed with them last week and the nurse manager seemed nice. I got an offer from Sheppard Pratt about 2 years ago when I was a new grad (didn't take it because I had already accepted another offer). I'm pretty sure Howard County General will hire new grads, too. Good luck!


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Thanks for the tips! In going to check each if these places out and hopefully ill get lucky with at least one these places. :)

Thanks again!

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I don't know if you're still looking but don't count out the community based psych agencies. I used to work for Way Station which has a location in Howard. I got hired as a new grad onto the Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) Team in Washington County. Way Station hires nurses in some of their other programs too, and I know Howard County has a clinic too. There's also tons of community agencies in Baltimore. If you want to work with kids, look into some of the residential programs for children and adolescents. Sheppard Pratt operates Jefferson School and. Brook Lane where I work now has Laurel Hall school but that's in Frederick. Lots of opportunities for psych here. Then there's also the state hospitals. The closest one to Howard is Springfield Hospital Center. That's mostly forensic pts if that interests you.


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Thanks again for the info TerpGal! I was interested in public health nursing as well but I was just offered a position at a state psych hospital. Excited to get started and learn something new.