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New Grad Job


Hello all,

I was trying to consider my options for a new grad job and noticed the possibility of becoming a triage nurse through telephone..

Here's why I am posting..

Is this type of job really suggested for new grads? or would I reallllllly need exp to do it.

Maybe instead of triage is their a telephone nurse company where I can give advice?

Thanks for your thoughts!

I have done phone advice in a variety of settings over the years and having experience does help, but if there are phone triage protocols that are fairly specific and will guide your assessment and advice, then you will be fine. I don't know where you live, but Kaiser has phone advice call centers in various regions. They have extensive training with support tools for their nurses.

Thank you!

Yeah following protocols seems manageable.

But I live in S. Fl and I looked at Kaiser doesn't seem they have any call centers down here.

I wonder if there are any call centers down here or maybe companys that will allow me to work from home.

I am uncertain where and what type of Telephonic Triage is available. United Health Group advertises home based (telecommute) work for RN's all over the country. I'm not sure if these are "real" jobs or data mining activities.

Look at the clinics where you live, go to their websites to check on the positions. It is very cost effective and saves organizations lots of money. I worked for 7 years in this area when it was a start up pilot program. It took off. We were trained to electronically access data bases, use well established guidelines and document at the same time. It paid very well.

I suggest getting more hands-on nursing experience before trying to do this job. Telephone triage requires at least 5 years of bedside or face to face experience, and the ability to make good decisions under conditions of uncertainty and urgency. You must be able to identify emergent symptoms, rule out urgent symptoms, estimate symptom urgency, and interpret patient responses. It requires years of decision making at the bedside or at least in a clinic. This is not a good entry level position for a new grad.

The bottom line in telephone triage is the nurses' experience and clinical judgement, not the protocols.

Were you ever able to find anything? I'm in south Florida like you and I'm struggling to find a company down here.