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New grad job priorities


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First, I apologize if this is an old topic, I didn't see this specific question so here goes:

I am a new BSN grad, I did well academically and was involved in volunteer charity activities during school (and still am). I've only applied to a few jobs and no success yet. I really want a hospital job, but don't really care which department, just want experience. So, I will keep applying for hospital jobs, but failing that what is my next best option? My career goal is hospital nursing.


2) Surgery center (if they hire new grads)

3) Rehab facility

4) Nursing home

5) Home health

6) Correctional (jail) nursing

7) Other (please give details)

Thanks in advance!

From your list i'd say rehab. They can have an enviroment kind of in between LTC and hospital. Or as you stated surgical centers if they hire new grads


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Thanks. Is it a lot of ortho? What do rehab nurses do?

Depends on the type of rehab, ther may be patients with CVA, TBI,SCI, amputation, hip replacement.

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rehab is a great place to start. I started there. You learn about the geriatric population, time management, ortho, OT/PT, comorbid conditions like diabetes and HTN. Great for a start in med/surg, orhto, ortho/neuro/spine, body mechanics. You really get a little bit if everything and then you can make a decision from there. I went with ortho joints. I think rehab is great place to start. I really liked it and only reason I left was that I landed my dream job. I'd go back if I needed to.