New Grad Internship Programs?


I am graduating with my BSN in May and, just like everyone else, I want to do my New Grad Internship in Critical Care or ER. Has anyone out there found a new grad internship that they would recommend? I am single w/o kids so I can (and would) move anywhere. Thanks! Kirsten :smilecoffeecup:

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I would do a google search on "Level 1 trauma center" that should give you a list of hospitals with level 1 trauma centers. Good luck!

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I work at a great Level 1 trauma center that hires new grads straight to ER and ICU. I have worked here for >25 years and still love the system. New to nursing and can honestly say haven't had any of the problems you read about on this website about nurses eating their young etc..

I have recommended 2 people and they were hired, also have a great bonus system $10,000 for you and me!

email me if interested

oh and its hollywood florida

thanks robin


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There is a 12 month internship at St. Francis hospital Memphis.

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