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New Grad, no health care experience. Will I get hired?


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I'm graduating in May and becoming increasingly worried about getting hired on in my area of choice. I have no experience in healthcare, and have not worked during my 2 years in school. I have had several jobs prior to, flight attendant for 6 months, (quit because of scheduling conflicts with school) sales rep for 8 months until layoffs, admin assistant for 1 year before that and a few temp positions prior to that. So I look like a "job hopper". I was hoping that this wouldn't influence my ability to find a RN position since it was several years ago, and completely unrelated to health care. I've heard that you don't need to put experience not related to being a RN on your resume. Is that true? What would I put then? Any thoughts or advice would be great! :)

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You should be able to be hired into a new grad entry level position without difficulty, unless it's a regional thing that new grads are having trouble with jobs. Many many many of us graduate from nursing school without having worked in health care before. I worked insurance and restaurants prior to graduation.

I got a job without experience before I even graduated.

My very brief resume didn't include the restaurant and insurance experience, merely included my educations credentials.


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Even though you didn't work in health care you can use that other experience in nursing.

I worked as an aid in a prison. Totally different from being an aid in a hospital and/or other fields. Also, worked as an Administrative Assistant and Bartender for a couple of years.

You can use customer service, time management, working together as a team, etc. to talk yourself up. I especially like fast-learner...

Good luck, you will find something that will suit.

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