New Grad-Hate job-Need advice

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I graduated in May of this year and took my NCLEX in June. I just now was able to land my first job. I started two days ago. It's not the ideal job. I really wanted to be in a hospital but was unable to get into any residency programs. So I settled for a job on a covid unit in a nursing home. Not ideal, but I went in with an open mind. But I hate it here. I am literally on my third day of work and they are already allowing me to work on my own. No preceptor, no nothing. I am the only nurse on the floor besides the Charge nurse at the nurses station. 37 covid patients. I got a day and a half of mediocre training. I'm terrified I don't know what im doing. Im scared I'm going to mess up and hurt someone. Hospitals will train you for WEEKS before they let you take care of patiewnts on your own, but here I am, a new grad with NO experience doing it on day 3. I really want to quit and try and find a job at a hospital. My nursing school friend help me get this job. I would feel bad if it made her look bad. AM I just having that first year jitters or something?



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Keep applying for jobs while working there if possible! You graduated in May and just got your NCLEX, you have another 9-10 months to be considered a new grad for most residency programs! Keep applying everywhere and anywhere you can, most of the people I know who graduated with me in December still can't secure a new grad position, and I've been applying for since January and am barely moving along with the process.

Hang in there!

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You aren't likely to find a new grad job in a hospital now. Keep the job you have, do the best you can. It is a different kind of nursing than acute care. Ask for help when you need it and accept that you will be learning a lot under very stressful circumstances. Keep applying elsewhere but don't quit without another one lined up. You don't want that kind of gap in your resume so early in your career.



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I got a job in a nursing home as a new grad. I quit after two weeks due to crazy staffing and unsafe conditions. I never regretted quitting, and no one has ever asked me about it in interviews. If you can hold on, try to find a new position before leaving this one. If not, quit. Either way you will be okay.