New grad cannot find a job please help!!!!

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I'm a new grad from Lewis University I just passed my boards however I am having a hard time finding a job. I have applied every place I can imagine. I will not have a car and plan on moving into the city, if i get a job offer soon. Any advice. Thanks!!!

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I have heard from other RNs working downtown Chicago that more jobs will be listed after September 2009....apparently the new fiscal year.

Best of luck!


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Good luck! I have the same problem :(


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Me either :( Only got 2 interviews with no offers


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Im an LPN and I work at a nursing home. they really need RNs at the moment. For RNs the pay is 26 hr + benefits and it is on the north side. PM me or email me for more info, I can probably get you in over there and you can be working and getting paid within the a couple days.

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Hi There!

I'm sure that about 80% of new grads all over the US are frantically searching for a position!

I'm taking the slow road and waiting to get into a position that's best for me. In the meantime, check out Mollen Immunization Clinics (google it) and submit a resume. There's clinic sites all over the country and it's a seasonal position (Sept.-Dec.) and you can pick whatever hours you want to work. You don't need any experience to work there and they start you out at $22.00! Sweet! :yeah:

That way, you can make some money, beef up your resume, and work on a couple of your nursing skills before they all disappear! :chuckle

Good luck on your job search! :up:

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hey spower82

what nursing home are you working at currently? i called many places and they have no openings. if you could help me out that would be great. thanks! :)


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I just sent you a PM and an email. please check it.


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I totally understand. I graduated in May, passed boards, and have been job hunting ever since.


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:yeah::yeah:hi from pinay2009,

Yes it's so true that .... looking for a job is so hard especially for the new graduates and you can count me in.. heheeheh. I applied online more than 6 times and only one has respond and call me in for interview. I am so happy to hear from them, anyway I received an offer and I didn't want to think about it and I just grab whatever they could offer me. I guess to be patient and just keep applying on line really works...and for those who just graduate from CNA don't lose hope in time you will find a work. I can't wait to start my training even though I don't have much experience working as a CNA....but I know I will learn more and I am now working at the Nursing home here in IL... Wish me luck...

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