New grad Bay Area hospital applications with an out of state address and getting HR rejected before unit manager review? (specifically Sutter Health)

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I've got 50+ applications submitted to Sutter Health in their Bay Area hospitals for Staff Nurse 1/New grad positions, some of which are over 30 days old at this point (all say "Application has been received and is under review). I feel like my resume is quite strong with 20+ years of other career experience and I have a BSN from a highly ranked public school but it's out of state and my address is still out of state. So far I've gotten about 20 form rejections directly from HR without any advancement to a unit hiring manager. I've also gotten rejected by Kaiser and CommonSpirit for their residency programs. I'm just wondering if HR checks or uses an applicant's address to filter out applications (or if that's even allowable)? I can't think of any other reason why I'm getting auto-rejected by HR. I feel like I've hit the buzz words in my resume for the ATS software. I'm just wondering if I should go about finding a Bay Area address to put down in my application or if that will create problems with application mailings and stuff like that if I make it further through the application process.

I would consider having a third party who is familiar with nursing resumes look over your resume to improve it. If you graduated recently from your public university, they might offer this?

Also, I've never put my address on a resume or on an application? If yours is on your resume, I would take the address out completely, leaving only your phone number and email.

For your other career experience,  cap it at the last 5 to 10 years max, to avoid any ageism bias. Even employee background checks aren't looking further than that.

Hope that's helpful!


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