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New grad application question

So this is probably a silly question, but here I go... I am recent graduate and am currently working on an application for a RN position and there is a question I am not sure how to answer:

"Please select all of the nursing areas you have experience working in:"

and then it list all the specialties, such as ICU, ER etc.. So would I mark the areas where I did clinicals or do I select "none of the above" since technically I haven't "worked" anywhere? (All my previous jobs have been at restaurants and the like).

Thanks in advance :)

Rose_Queen, BSN, MSN, RN

Specializes in OR, education.

None of the above. Clinical experience isn't nursing experience.

sallyrnrrt, ADN, RN

Specializes in critical care, ER,ICU, CVSURG, CCU.

I claim my clinical experiences (four decades ago, it worked)

The clinical experiences are a required part of any nursing program. Just saying you graduated accounts for them. They are not the type experience that the application(s) are asking for.


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