New grad ADN and moving to Texas! Do I have a chance with ADN


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hi everyone! I just recently got my endorsement rn license for TX and i already applied at MD Anderson, Memorial Hermann n Cypress Fairbanks, i have only ADN degree but got BA non nursing but continue my degree to MSN. Am i gonna have a hard time to get in a New Grad position cause everybody wants BSN? Pls help

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An increasing number of hospitals in the major cities of Texas prefer graduates with BSN degrees for their new grad programs. However, most non-acute care hospital employers (nursing homes, home health, private duty, clinics, psychiatric facilities, LTAC hospitals, rehab hospitals) hire new nurses with ADNs. And a few hospitals still hire new grads with ADNs.

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Hospitals in suburbs hire new grads with ADNs, too. You honestly won't really know until you try, but my advice is do not move until you have secured employment.