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New FNP, Military Spouse, & Army Nurse Corp

by NPMilwyf NPMilwyf (New) New Nurse

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As a new to practice FNP and new to military life, I have a few concerns regarding my career path. Recently, I have had difficulty seeking employment as a FNP. I am currently working as a RN in a hospital setting. We are suppose to move to our first station in 4-5 months. I wonder if I should apply to VA at my current location and hope that I can transfer to one when we move? On the other hand, should I wait and seek employment at the clinics on post? I also contemplated locum tenens, but many temporary/travel assignments don't take new grads. I'm also concerned about having to apply for licensure in each state when we move. In addition, I was contemplating the pros/cons of the Army Nurse Corp, which I know little about but seems exciting. However, I've always excelled more so in academics than as an athlete. Also, I wonder if my husband and I would be stationed together if we were both army. Any suggestions would be helpful.

jfratian, MSN, RN

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FYI: It is Army Nurse "Corps"

You can Google the current Army PT test requirements. If you can do those, then you should have no issue with fitness.

The VA is way more flexible and accommodating (once you get into the system) than the military. You can also look at GS positions on usajobs.gov. Both are great for spouses. The military is tougher. They try to put you at the same base as your spouse, but plenty of people spend time apart. Even if you get stationed together, your deployment schedules probably won't line up. I know two active duty Air Force nurses that have spent the last year apart because each deployed back to back for 6 months.

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Army reserve officer here. The Army is not very pro-NP, NP jobs and billets are few and far between. Your chance of becoming an Army NP with no experience is close to 0 right now. The Army is shuffling its medical model and it cuts NPs out in a lot of areas as it is.

If you were a PA things would be waaaaaay easier. FYI I am not a NP in the Army but I would be if slots actually existed. What does that tell you?

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Even if you apply and get hired at the VA there is a good chance you will have moved by your start date. Since you are moving in 4-6 months start looking in that area for a position. If you get in a Federal government position you will not have to apply for a new license for each state since all they need is a current nsg from any state or territory.