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:) WOW! The website you suggested is just full of info. Thank you for the recommendation. When will the website you're developing be ready?

I've ordered the two books you suggested. They will for sure come in handy.

I have to admit, the "hands-on" practice is what I really enjoy the most with my clients. The paperwork part (a very big part of nursing) is so time consuming. There is a big push right now, at the place I work, to develop protocols/SOP's, as there have been none inplace. Do you know of a website that might already have some of these posted for nursing practice? I'm thinking that there has to be.

Thanks again, Jleski

Hi Jleski,

Those magazines are good ones, RN is also good. I am sending two suggestions for books - Handbook of Medical-Surgical Nursing, third edition published by SpringHouse - ( This is about the same size and weight as the nursing drug book) - and Telephone Triage Protocols for Nurses - Julie K. Briggs, published by Lippincott. Also check out this website - I am also developing a web site but it is not up and running as yet, but I will give you the address also -


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Does anyone know where to find instructions about how to do the Denver II Developmental Screening Test? My textbook has a description of the test, and the manual has a chart and a page with a list of items - but no instructions about how to use the test?

I'm searching and appreciate if anyone can help about instructions to give the test.


Hi Jleski..welcome to one of the most rewarding careers you'll ever have!! :nurse: I subscribe to "Exceptional Parent" ( "Nursing 2004".the EP gives such details and insight into many conditions, more so than most nursing journals. I like the Nursing 2004 to keep up with other current trends. Best of luck to you! we need more enthusiastic people in this field!:)

Hi. You replied to one of my posts about a month ago when I decided to leave LTC and was so discouraged (and I appreciated your support). I checked out this forum today because I have just accepted a position as a site nurse for a local mental health agency day program. This will be a new area for me, and I have been looking for something where I can "make a difference", and I am hopeful that this is the right decision.

The nursing staff is close-knit and supportive and they have assured me that I will have the opportunity to make needed changes as I see fit....My start date is the lst wk. in April, and this will give me plenty of time to do "my homework" in this area. I will be watching this forum for any and all suggestions so that I may perform in this new position to the best of my ability. Any input on staff motivation, etc. will be greatly appreciated. Good luck to all of us in what we do...


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:balloons: Little play nurse, congratulations on your new position! I'm sure you wil do well with such a supportive staff....Let me know if i can answer any questions that come up! Good Luck!!:)

:balloons: Little play nurse, congratulations on your new position! I'm sure you wil do well with such a supportive staff....Let me know if i can answer any questions that come up! Good Luck!!:)

Thanks so much for the well wishes. I met with 3 of the nurses today for intros and brainstorming, etc. and I am really looking forward to learning all I can.

Now I'm going to pick everyone's brains: If you had the ability to start a new MH daycare program (from scratch),what are some of the things that you would like to see? (i.e. in staffing, enviroment, activities, etc.), as well as the nursing area and the med supplies/cart/equipment, etc. What are the areas that would be the most important to you, and how would you like to see it set up so that it could operate to it's fullest potential?? That's alot of food for thought, but I'm all ears........any input will be helpful. :)

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