New Community Clinic RN job- Advice please!!


Hello all,

I am starting a new job at a community clinic next week and am super excited and nervous. I guess you can technically call me a new grad but not really- I worked as a flu clinic nurse for 6 months and this will be my first legit RN job. I am not really sure what to expect and am hoping someone working in a clinic could tell me what their job is like, whether they like it and any advice on what to brush up on before my first day. Thank you so much!!

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What department will you be working in?


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I'm pretty sure it's for the whole community clinic. They do everything from prenatal to geriatric


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Hey! It's good!! It's not exactly what I expected but I still really like it. It's a lot of documentation. I'm by the computer most of the time. Making phone calls, triaging through the phone, refilling prescriptions. But there is also education involved. Are you looking go into a community clinic?


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I am interested in working in a community clinic. I have an interview on Monday for immunization/preventative care in one of the local health departments. Any tips on the interview process?

I'm wondering how you like the clinic job and if anyone has advice on whether precepting at a clinic will hold me back from hospital work later. I'm unsure which path is better for me, I'm graduating in May. I have a BS in Health Education though and a passion for prevention, nutrition, and I'm fluent in Spanish.