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Just found out - I passed my exam!!! WOOT! :coollook::yeah:

I also wanted to post and say THANK YOU to everyone at AN. Nurses, other students, CNAs, everybody... all the encouragement really meant a lot.

Whew! :D

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:yeah:yay congrats !

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yay congrats! i knew you could do it :)


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whoo-hoo! congrats! :)

That's awesome! congrats!


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CONGRATS!! :hpygrp:


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I just passed my CNA test also. Honestly, it isn't a big deal. It's not like CNA's get paid a nice amount of money. I guess I'm not that excited because I took my certification test for pharmacy years ago & this test was Super easy in comparison. Anyway, congrats!!!

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Thank you guys!! :D

Actually I probably won't be using my CNA, but I wanted to get the cert anyway. You never know. No, they don't get paid peanuts, really, sad because CNAs work insanely hard, and really good CNAs work even harder. Seriously - you good CNAs have my eternal gratitude for what you do.

I actually went on after CNA and got my PCA certification, which I just got TODAY (today was the final exam, and grade distribution - big fat A, woot!), so I will be working in a hospital if I can squeeze in a PT position or something alongside all the RN pre-reqs I'm starting in August. Then I'll be taking EMTB next summer, unless I can get in earlier (I'm loving the ER/OR stuff so far). Just having fun shooting up the ladder and getting certifications. I figure the more I've learned and experienced by the time I'm finally accepted into RN school, the better nurse I will become someday.


Have a great weekend guys!!

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