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So I just started my first ever CNA/CMA job in January and everything was going well...I am a very outgoing person and everyone who I have talked to at my job always mentions how nice I am and outgoing I am..I thought this was a good thing? I decided to get my CNA because I love helping people and I do love what I do as a CNA BUT everyone seems to be friends with everyone else and hang out outside of work and they have even asked for my phone number and made plans to text me and I have not heard from a single person unless they want me to work for them..I say I can't and they don't respond to a question I have. I just feel like everyone there either doesn't like me or I don't know what. I know work is not about making friends but it sure does seem to make the day go by faster when you have a friend there is someone you can talk to when having a rough day..the other girls help eachother out but tend to be too busy to help me...I am not overly nice or a pushover by any means and I hope this post makes since but I'm just wondering if it will get better or should I search for a new job? To add to the misery everyone there has said management has never been this bad and they selected team leaders and those team leaders get to pick who is on there team? I have no been asked to join anyone's team.

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It's up to you, but I would stick it out. I'm new too, and.. I understand completely... It's awkward. :-P But, realize... the only person that you can change is yourself. If you want to work with a good team, be a good team member. Intentionally go out of your way to help another CNA if that's what it takes. Make sure that they know to call and ask you if they need help, remind them. Unless they are stone cold and heartless, hopefully they will begin to reciprocate eventually.

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It sounds like you've always made friends very easily and this time it isn't happening as quickly as you're used to. If you're outgoing, it will happen -- even if you have to wait and befriend another new person. I've always been shy, don't make friends easily but have kept every friend I've ever made . . . . I understand about being lonely and feeling unliked. Changing jobs probably won't change much except give you a reputation for job hopping, and a whole new place to learn, new people to get to know. As mentioned above, work hard on being a good team member . . . . friends will come.

I think I would stick it out some more if I were you. It's barely been about 2 months. Some of these folks probably barely know you. I would focus on my work, do everything to the best of my ability, and be a good team member. I will say, some groups are not groups you necessarily want to be part of the "in" or "popular" crowd. It's not always a good thing. Obviously it can be, it can be great. But not all groups are always what they appear from the outside.

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