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New to Charge Nurse, any advice?


Hey guys,

I just took the job as full time charge for my ER, we actually have a couple and we rotate out. I was just wanting to see if anybody had any advice, tips, tricks, etc.


Dont do anything to any of your reports that you would not want to have done to you ;)

Larry77, RN

Specializes in Trauma/ED. Has 10 years experience.

Don't make too many waves at first. I try to give as much praise as i do criticism and I enjoy my job which makes it a lot more fun. I try to have fun with the staff, EMS, and management every day.

We have a new charge on NOC's that the staff has had a hard time with because she tends to look over everyone's charting, print it and highlight it and send it to the manager--sometimes without even talking to the staff person. This has not made her very many friends.

Just be fair and motivate with a positive attitude and you'll be great. I remember when i started doing full-time charge i had bad dreams and couldn't sleep very well because of the added stress--I adjusted fairly quickly and it has been a good fit for me.

Another good trick is I always keep my drawer stocked with gum and my locker stocked with APAP and Motrin!

canoehead, BSN, RN

Specializes in ER. Has 30 years experience.

Start drinking now and avoid the rush.