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New certified nursing assistant


Hello! How likely is it to get a job with a vision disability? And i was wondering about the CNA pin. Do you buy one yourself if wanted or is one earned for passing the certification? Im from WISCONSIN. Thanks!

renerian, BSN, RN

Specializes in MS Home Health.

I assume by the size and darkness of your letters you are disabled in the visual area?

I would think you would be able to find something.


:) I never see CNA's at the nursing home wear any kind of pins. The nurses don't wear any kind's of pins. When I graduated from LPN school I was given an LPN pin which I never wear. The nursing homes are always looking for CNA'S. In fact, CNA's at my job get a lot of overtime if they want it. Best of luck to you. Congratulations

boulergirl, CNA

Has 5 years experience.

I work with a CNA who wears a CNA pin (and it looks nice). Don't know where she got it, but there's a scrubs shop in the area that sells them. I wore a "We Care" pin a long time ago when I was certified. They didn't give us pins when I finished the class.

Check uniform shops and scrubs stores--see if they might have them. Good luck!

just because you are visualy impaired does not mean you dont have a heart for caring for other people. go on , get your cna and best of luck to you. :saint: :)


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