New Air Force recruiting?


Looks like the Air Force has an improved nursing site:

Looks like recruiting may be ramping up? Received this email notice today:

NURSING~ AIR FORCE NURSES~ If you are a nurse with a B.S.N. or M.S.N or are in the process of obtaining one, you'll find exciting opportunities in the United States Air Force. As an elite health professional, you'll find travel, 30 days vacation with pay, health benefits and exciting opportunities. Call 1-800-588-5260 0r visit, AIRFORCE.COM/NURSE

Just thought I would share :-)


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thanks for sharing!!!

i am talking to recruiters this summer and should be in the air force once i graduate in may 2010



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Anyone know if I can start applying for the Oct 09 selection now??? my recruiter told me to apply in July, but i think it's too late.

.... Recruiter will facilitate your application - July sounds fine to start paperwork. I would just try and do the things on your side of the house - such as a letter of ref, personal statement, resume, prepare collection of info for clearance packet etc. Then as July comes you can do the things that require recruiter assistance/scheduling such as physical, Air force specific signing of documents, etc... either way you won't be able to submit until next fiscal years boards come about and will need to work with recruiter.


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I agree.. I did the same thing last year and did get selected in November 2008. Definitely make sure that you complete all paperwork, make copies, stay in close contact with your recruiter with any issues or questions. Good luck to you!!!!

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