where to take BIO 224 need reccomendations please help??

  1. hey guys, i have taken 224 twice at csn, first time had to drop cuz of family reasons and the 2nd time i will do no better that a C- how crappy is that!!! anyways i am faced with having to take it one more time but dont know if its worth taking it at csn again or maybe go to nsc, i took wilson btw at csn. can anyone give me some advice where to go? im freaking out at the fact that i may not be able to get through this class and would really appreciate some advice from you guys.

    thanks again

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  3. by   tccjknv
    Hi Ken,
    I know that we have spoke through PM in regards to teachers, but I wanted to make sure that you are aware that since you have already dropped once and now will get a C- you will only have one more chance to retake the class. Whoever you decide to take, really give it you're all. You only need to pull out a solid C. Good luck on your decisions.
  4. by   wrigh146
    Nevada state college would be my recommendation. I have my favorite teachers in mind! Chem is not my strong suit but my instructor made it understandable...dare I say I even ended up enjoying it!
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  5. by   TnKzMom
    I took 224 twice, passed the second time...I had to drop because personal reasons. But the instructor was good, giving the test off the notes on the board and the study guide. I didn't think I could pull a C but did it. Good Luck!
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  6. by   napahills
    I had to drop it the first time I tried, it was too hard. I really liked the teacher who taught when I took it the second time. AND, I passed. Good luck....anatomy and physiology are super hard and time consuming.
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