What's it like working in Vegas hospitals?

  1. Just curious what your opinions are working for the hospitals in vegas as an RN before I make my decision to move or not. It would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   RunningRNBSN
    That is a very broad question... what are you specifically looking for?
  4. by   Hoozdo
    What's your census like? When is the "busy season"? Are you getting all of your hours in or are you being sent home with no pay?
  5. by   HikingNinja
    Here's my opinion.

    St Rose system (Dilema, San Martin, Siena) - Pays the best of all the hospital systems. Treats their employees well from what I've heard (ER RNs got bonuses at christmas). I've heard patient load in ER,ICU, med surg is the same as the other hospital systems.

    HCA (Sunrise, Southern Hills, Mountain View) - Pay is ok for critical care. ER (1-4) not unheard of to have multiple ICU pts as well as regular, very busy - ICU (1-2), IMC (2-4), Med surg up to 9 on nights. I work here. Its rough with a high acuity and traffic but that's just the ER. I like the people I work with. NEVER been called off. As a matter of fact doing tons of overtime right now. I am a bit of a trauma junkie as of late, we get alot second only to UMC. Not planning on leaving anytime soon. Our busy/slow times for ER are the same as everywhere else. Only a few slow months in the summer (but more traumas).

    Valley System (Summerlin, Valley, Desert Springs too I think) - Know a few people who work in summerlin h. They like it. Not as busy there. Haven't heard of any call offs

    VA hospital - I dont' know anyone who works here.

    UMC - county hospital. enough said. We have some people who have worked there. They said its kind of a zoo. Lots of budget issues right now.

    If you are an experienced CC RN you will get a job out here. I would take a travel assignment or two to test out the different hospitals if I were you. It also depends on if you have kids and which side of town you want to live on. I know St. Rose and Sunrise have CC float pools where they will float you around to ER, ICU in all their affliliated hospitals. That way you get to try out all of them. We get alot of ICU floats in the ER who decide they really like the pace and people (we are a weird and wacky crew on nights) and stay for awhile.

    PM me if you want more info.

  6. by   Hoozdo
    Thanks Dee, very informative. I am from AZ and I know the OP is also.

    Things are..........slow in Phoenix. Fluctuating census even in the height of winter, (our busy season.) Right now my 20 bed ICU only has 10 patients. The CVICU is even slow, seems like people are not even coming in for heart attacks! Prefer to pretend it is nothing rather than pay a hospital bill.
  7. by   rn1233

    Do you know the work rotation schedule at Sunrise for the ICU's...Are you required to work every other weekend?

  8. by   HikingNinja
    Quote from rn1233

    Do you know the work rotation schedule at Sunrise for the ICU's...Are you required to work every other weekend?

    They are pretty flexible, depending on which ICU. Some work the same schedule all the time. Sun-Mon for example or alternate. You just need to do your four weekend shifts a month. For the longest time I worked Wed -Fri with every Sat off. You just let them know your preference. If you are experienced they will accommodate you. Not so much with new grads.

  9. by   rn1233
    Thanks for the response...I'm starting on 4/26...very excited!!
  10. by   bscn_rn_10_years
    Hey Dee:
    Just put my resume in today to Sunrise for the ER department, hope to hear soon. You mentioned something about what areas to live in....which ones are the one's that you would suggest...kids are adults and staying in Canada, just me and the hubby and a cat Thanks for the info.
  11. by   HikingNinja
    There are many nice areas to choose from. I live in Henderson/silverado ranch/anthem area to the south. Summerlin is nice. I know alot of people who like Mountain's edge to the southwest too. I think each community has its own vibe and amenities. It's just a matter of scouting them out and findng which one you are most comfortable with.