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  1. by   Shar81
    Quote from Hello_Nurse_2B
    They actually changed the program a year a go. My fast-track group (we graduate in December) are the first to experience this change. Is it easier? People say it is, but I have nothing to compare it to.

    May I ask, is everyone who started in your fast track group still together ? Or did some leave or didn't make it all the way. I heard this was an extremely difficult program so i haven't applied. Is it one full year ? Please share.
  2. by   Hello_Nurse_2B
    The program was designed to improve retention and the learning style is "easier" for adult learners. It is based on an "across the lifespan" disease-process - i.e. how does pneumonia affect an infant as compared to a geriatric patient? It is supposed to be more logical.

    TMCCs program is tough, but then again, nursing school shouldn't be easy. The fast-track program is 16 months long. Traditional has a 24 month program with a summer break.
    My class started with 39 students. One dropped the first week due to personal reasons, one dropped mid-semester for personal reasons as well. We lost one to a pregnancy, two for academic reasons (they didn't make the minimum 75%), and one got deployed. We are now down to 33 and we might lose about 5 this semster.
    On a positive note, TMCC graduates are known for being great nurses and are well-respected in Northern Nevada hospitals. Yes, the program is tough, but just know that it is worth it and you are on your way to a wonderful career.
    Apply to the program. It will be worth it.

    I'll try to keep everyone updated on the status of my class as things progress. I have an 8 week summer semester coming up !!!!!! Hopefully, I will survive. :lol_hitti
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  3. by   kjsquared
    I have also heard that TMCC students are highly favored...even over UNR...not sure that's entirely true, but it's what I've heard.
    I can't believe they do a summer semester in 8 weeks!! yiiiiikes!!!!! Good luck to you and keep us up to date
  4. by   Euskadi1946
    Oh Wow; I'm also a graduate of TMCC. Graduated 1993. They have an excellent reputation and very tough nursing program with 100% passing on the Nevada State Boards. TMCC Nursing Alumni please PM me. Would love to hear from you. I moved from Reno to Salt Lake City in 1996. For that matter would love to hear from any nurses living in Reno. I lived in Reno for 28 years and I sure do miss it.
  5. by   Medwynn
    kj - Do TMCC students make better nurses? TMCC clinical is all about the clinical experience along with assessment and disease process. They really beat that into you. UR focuses on different aspects of nursing that TMCC doesn't touch. I can't judge UNR's curriculum since i never attended there. The general consensus is that UNR students lag behind on the floor when they start. But they quickly catch up.

    Look at the NCLEX pass rates. it's true TMCC has an excellent reputation and it is a very tough program. TMCC doesn't have mandatory NCLEX review after graduation ... (or do they now?)

    We started with i think it was around 56 students. we graduated 30 students after gaining and losing through the 4 semesters.
  6. by   kjsquared
    Medwynn - I have just heard that TMCC students have a lot more clinical and "hands-on" expierence compared to UNR. But I'm glad I'll be going to TMCC..since it was my first choice!
  7. by   Reno1978
    I always heard that TMCC had more clinical experience than UNR, but I never knew any TMCC students. I'm curious how much clinical time you guys had!

    At UNR, we were at clinicals every Thu/Fri for either 8hr, 10hr, or 12hr shifts, so 16hrs/week minimum and 24hrs/week maximum. I think they did a fine job preparing students for the workforce.

    Like Medwynn said, UNR does focus on some areas that TMCC does not - namely leadership/management, community/public health nursing, and research. As far as clinicals go, we end up with 1 semester of clinical experience outside of the hospital and many feel that since most RNs start their career in the hospital it's detrimental, but I really enjoyed my time doing home health visits, and checking out other nursing opportunities in the community. I think it was good to be exposed to that.

    I think both programs are just fine. You get out of it what you put into it in the end! It'll be hard work, so get ready for lots of stress and studying. And if you can, ENJOY YOUR SUMMER OFF!!!
  8. by   kjsquared
    Medwynn - I didn't know where to post this question to you, so hopefully you will see this and reply.
    I wanted to know..I think you said you worked as a nurse tech while in nursing school? How do you get a nurse tech position and do you know where they are available? Hospitals, doc offices, everywhere (especially in Reno..)? I honestly had never heard of a nurse tech until I saw it around this site and researched it a little more.. I'm sure it would be a great experience and help along the way with nursing school. Any advice you have would be appreciated - Thanks!
  9. by   Medwynn
    Well i was a certified nursing assistant first while going to nursing school. a critical care tech or CCT is like a CNA but is able to watch the monitors (EKG) at the nurses station. If you were referring to that. I've never heard of a nurse tech though. hope that helps.
  10. by   kjsquared
    Does a CCT have to be licensed? I took the CNA course but I don't have my license and I was just wondering what opportunities for jobs you have as a nursing student in a hospital - Thanks for the help
  11. by   Shar81
    Does anyone know how soon will students receive a reponse if applying to the Fast track program this coming January?
  12. by   Siennah

    When I handed in my application to the nursing department yesterday, the director of the nursing program indicated that we should not expect a letter before the first of January (though I am hoping to see/hear something way before then).

    Considering the date of your post, you may have already been provided this info but thought it may help (just in case you didn't). :-)

    Good Luck!
  13. by   4242newnursestudent

    I also just applied to the fast-track program at TMCC. Goodluck! I've heard mixed stories about the way they accept students. First, I've heard they have a hard time filling the program because they do not have enough qualified apps. Second, I've heard they already selected Spring 2010 program even though they are suppose to wait until the end of this semester. Have you heard anything like this? I'm just curious because so many people tell different stories.