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I would like to hear from students of this program, do you recommend it? I can't imagine doing the didactic portion of a Nursing program online and then coming to campus/clinical sites for the rest... Read More

  1. by   Tex201
    Quote from nursealias
    As a 1st cohort graduate of the ABSN program, I did pass my exit exam and NCLEX on first try. I attribute my success to myself because the professors and facilitator's did not teach me, I taught myself.

    ABSN is learn on your own!!

    My advice to those in the program is to find additional learning tools. There are many additional books that are more too the point and give a clearer idea of disease processes than the books we are assigned. You don't have the time to do assignments, read, review, and learn what you need to pass the test.

    Practice how to become a great test taker!!! Do as many practice tests you can find and learn rationales.
    Be organized, get all your homework done and assignments out of the way so you focus on passing the test.
    Look at each disease process in terms of what would I see if it were happening in front of me (I.E. would they be cool, clammy, pale, etc...) Know top 3-4 Classic (distinct) Signs, symptoms, what the treatment is, labs you would see, meds that are use. Do this for each disease in the study guide.

    Don't listen to all the already know what those are...Just focus on passing each test. Practice taking tests daily...its a way of thinking and it will help you on the questions that catch you off guard. Always figure out what the question is actually it an assessment or intervention, is it a priority...(priorities there an ABC answer that applies) DON'T SECOND GUESS YOURSELF!!!

    If your are thinking about attending Roseman, just know if you do, you will be living in a constant state of impending doom! You will have no life and you are spending a ton of money to be treated this way. If you are not able to be an independant not attend this school.

    Good luck, I am relieved I made it through this program, but I would not ever recommend this school to anyone I know.

    I totally agree with you! Cohort 3 just finished at the end of Sept. and everyone managed to pass the exit exam. I was wondering if you took a review class for the NCLEX and if you did, what one did you use. I'm not so sure that I will take a review class, always did very well on all the ATI exams. Do you think the ATIs are an accurate predictor of passing the NCLEX the first time?

    What state are you going to work in?

    Thanks for your input. :-)
  2. by   NoBadDays
    Hi Tex 201!

    I start in two days! Did you have your pinning ceremony last Friday? I was going to go but I got busy unpacking! I'm nervous about how FAST this program is and the heavy workload but I must remain positive!
  3. by   Tex201
    Yes, our pinning was last Friday, the same day as the exit exam.... LOL!

    Well, good luck and hang onto your hat....your next 15 months will be quite a ride. Your assigned group members will become a great strength and help in times of stress, your attitude and determination will definitely carry you through the crazy times.... Keep in touch as you go along!
  4. by   Jmaica22
    Hi Aubrey,

    I was wondering how strict Roseman is on their teas scores. My GPA is a 3.5 and Teas score overall was a 70.7% I spoke with the admitting rep and have applied. She told me that my teas score was a minor issue. I just need some insight on their acceptances requirements.
  5. by   Collegekidslandscape
    How do y'all feel about the cost of this program?...I was quoted like $53,000 just for basic tuition. Seems pretty steep considering most are in the range of 30k. I have my doubts with all the media attention the "for profit" universities are getting in the news.

    Also the 90% score minimum concerns me. Not the challenge of achieving the score, but the fact that if every single person who graduates has a 4.0, wouldn't that greatly decrease the value of that 4.0 standing? I just feel like employers and graduate schools will look at Roseman as another university of Phoenix where I just bought my degree...
  6. by   cp0710
    Hello, I applied to Roseman University ABSN for the Fall of 2013. I was asked to come for an interview and accepted but after reading all these posts I am debating whether I should go or not. I am glad that everyone was honest but I am completely scared and discouraged now. I have been applying to nursing schools in Ca for 3 years and have yet to get in. I had one other interview this year but got put on a waiting list, which essentially is a denial. I was really excited when I got an interview for this school because I feel like I have a good shot of getting in. However now I am wondering if it is even worth the drive and the night in the hotel. For those of you who have attended or dropped out, are all the lectures online? There is never once any in class instruction? If this is the case are the professors available to answer questions and clarify things? Is there a student resource/tutoring center? Are there study groups? What resources does the University have to help students? I really really really want to go if I get in because I am so tired of being rejected and applying year after year but at the same time I don't want to move all the way to Nevada to sit in an apartment by myself for 14 months and essentially teach myself how to be nurse....I want to be an educated and prepared nurse and from my readings on this forum that is not going to be the case if I attend Roseman. Also, what are the guidelines as far as remedial? If you don't pass the first block and then you go to the remedial and cannot pass that what happens? Do they essentially kick you out? I mean how much of a chance do you get to pass with the 90%. The other thing I am very afraid of is going there and taking out a ton of student loans and not being able to pass the program. Finally, what is the interview like? I read someone's post that everyone interviewed gets offered admission but I don't want to believe that so how many people get accepted after interviews?
  7. by   Tex201
    Hi CP0710
    Ok, Here is the scoop. I totally understand Cali nursing schools. I applied for over a year and received one interview and was then told to re-apply the following year. That did it! I applied and got into Roseman. Yes, I thought the same thing....I am a good student, I study hard and I get A's mostly. I was concerned, but not worried, that I could get 90% and above. I don't want to destroy dreams or hope I just want to be real so you can make an INFORMED decision.

    The 14 month program is no "cake-walk". They make it sound like you will get all the attention and help you need, but that changes the minute you sign your contracts and enter the school. They are very "Pro" administration and their "policies" will change depending on the situation.

    The so called "lectures" are all online. I say "lectures" because in a lot of blocks they consist of someone reading the book and then saying stuff like "For more information, read the book!" Oh gee....I never thought about that! They are not actual lectures, like from an actual recorded classroom lecture. Most of the time, I found them less than useful. I had to actually read and study and whenever I found conflicting information (which you will find)....I got conflicting answers from different instructors I consulted. The "instructors" for online are actually more moderators, as you are required to make posts online and they review them, but they do not actually teach the classes, nor do they produce the exams. The school writes the exams, not the "instructors".

    You will be assigned a "group" for the duration of your time at Roseman. This group will become your best ally, friend, study partners etc etc. You will depend on your group more than you will ever know when you first enter. You see the 90% is ONLY on your EXAMS! Be that written or the lab tests you take via video recording in the labs with your group. You video tape your lab exams and these are critiqued by instructors. If you fail, you can re-tape again another day. Labs are given by lab monitors to help answer questions and go through "hands-on" procedures you need to learn. Some lab monitors are better than others.

    You generally will have a mid-term and a final for each block. The days of your written exams you will take the exam. Then take a short break and come back into your groups and re-take the exam as a group. Later that day you will find out what your individual score was and your group score. If your group passed, you will receive 5% added to your individual score. Which in all reality is about 1-2 points. This can mean the difference between pass or fail many times. If you don't pass the mid-term you will re-take another mid-term exam the day of the final! If you pass the mid-term then, you will take the final right after your mid-term. If you have to re-take a mid-term you will only receive group points if there are enough "re-taking" it to form a group. So you will definitely want to pass every test the first time. It appears that most re-exams were harder than the 1st ones.
    If by chance you fail a mid-term or final re-take you are kicked out of school! That's it! If you are kicked out, you have the option of waiting for the next cohort to come through and enter again with the next cohort when that block is given again. If you fail another mid-term or final with the new cohort, it's all cannot go back to Roseman again. Some members who failed did re-enter Roseman in the 18 month program, but most just went someplace else.

    Now to address the comments of the 4.0 GPA being "watered down" you do not understand the reality of Roseman. This is NOT your usual 90% where everything is "averaged." It is 90% on each and every exam! No matter if you study 24/7 the exams will have questions that you will scratch your head and say "***!" and some of the answers will elicit the same response! This is NOT your average college experience that you have had before. In fact, this will be NOTHING like any school you have ever gone to before!
    Remember, there is safety in numbers! You will always want to be in the biggest number. If the entire class fails an exam, they will throw out enough "bad" questions so that most of the class will pass. If only a few don't pass, don't expect many "bad" questions to be thrown out.

    We started with 42 original students and graduated with 19 of our original members. Some very good students failed because they got 89% on an exam....this is no joke. You must be a good "test-taker" and be able to handle the stress of feeling like everyday could be your last one at Roseman no matter how good of a student you are. You will study harder than you ever studied and still feel like you didn't pass almost every exam when you walk out of the exam room.
    You will be given so many books and material to get through in such a short time that even the instructors realize you could not possibly get through all the material for every block. Some will even try to council you on what material to study, however, rest assured that what they say will be on an exam probably will NOT just study they way that is best for you and forget what they say. Sometimes they will issue "study-guides" but these are not always very complete either, so always rely on yourself first and foremost.

    My response is not to discourage or deflate your hopes and dreams, it is to let you understand just a little bit about the reality of Roseman. You will be accepted if you have the pre-reqs and proper score on the TEAS. I have never heard of anyone "failing" an interview. Then, it is best to find a great apartment by yourself! Because you don't want to be losing roommates as they fail out of school. This will be your study hall, your school, your life for 14-15 months! You will see your group in labs, group projects and during clinical rotations. You will probably be on the phone with your group members daily as you go through the blocks. You will celebrate the successes of your group and mourn the losses when you lose a group member. Members of my group will be my life-long friends! They will become your family away from home.

    There is much much more I could say but until you experience it yourself you will not truly believe this is all true. You will still be surprised to find out that what I say is not exaggerated in any way. You will still think that it can't be that crazy....because that's exactly what I said to myself before I went to Roseman. Once you graduate and look back you will say to yourself "I made it through Roseman and I can make it through anything now!" Just realize that New Grad Cali Nursing jobs are as hard to find as getting into a Cali nursing school. My advise is to network during EVERY clinical rotation you have in Las Vegas. Get to know people on the floor and the charge nurses etc. Build relaltionships and realize you may not be practicing in Cali when you first get out of school.

    I turned down an IMC job in Las Vegas thinking I wanted to return to Cali and after 80 job apps in one month and nothing, I applied to other states and landed 3 job offers in Texas: ICU, Critical Care and Intermediate Care......Just food for thought! This is something the school will not teach ... how to land a job once you are out of school. Some of the nurses you work with will be in higher hospital positions by the time you make as many friends as possible. It's not always what you know but WHO you know that matters.

    It's all scarey, but realize you have to be self-reliant. Lean on your group members but always think for yourself an if you feel you are right, back it up and stand strong.... soemtimes you will be the only one in your group with the correct answer and it can mean the difference between passing or failing an exam.

    I wish you the BEST of everything. Hang in there! Make your decision and go for it! Afterall, I was one of the 19 that made it you can tooo!!!!
    Best Regards!!!!
  8. by   cp0710
    Thank you for your input. I am definitely going to re-think my decision on going for an interview. None of what you described is the nursing school I am looking for. I do not want to teach myself how to be a nurse and then get into the field and know nothing. I appreciate your honesty, but like I said I do not think I am going to pursue this further.
  9. by   Tex201
    Hi CP0710

    I did not want to deter you from going to Roseman, I just wanted you to be able to make an informed decision, because when I asked for people to respond to my questions I received very few answers and after some of the members from prior cohorts graduated they finally felt like they were free to give honest responses. By then I was already at Roseman.

    I learned a lot through my schooling and clinical rotations. My preceptorship was in IMC and my current job is in ICU, which wold not have been possible if I didn't know what I was doing, however, you definitely have to be a self-starter to go through Roseman's program. I know from experience how awful it is to apply to endless schools in California and not even get an interview and that's the biggest reason I went to Roseman. I am now working and licensed in 3 states. I was able to complete everything and get a great job in about 19 months. BSN and 4.0 gpa (which was well deserved)....

    I was working 40+ hours and actually did my interview via the phone and never traveled to the school until I was accepted and went for my orientation. So you might ask for a phone interview if that helps make your decision easier.

    Best regards,

    Best regards
    I am a EAGERLY INTERESTED student. I am currently taking my prereqs online A&P 1 & 2 and Micro to get in also i need to take the TEAS. However Im now starting to secondguess myself. I know that The program is very pricy and you will have to take out student loans in order to afford the program. However, after chatting with the private loan company sally Mae today I not quite sure what my options are because My credit is pretty bad as well as my husbands. SO i doubt we will be approved if they are credit base. Are the loans that current students getting thru the federal government or private?

    Im not a stranger to hard work at and a self taught environment actually i prefer it... In undergrad after a tramtic family loss i found it more comfortable for me to take classes on line and during my MBA program it was HYBRID however i want to have valuable help when I do have a question.

    I intend to aim for the FEB 14 start anyone else looking to start then?
  11. by   cattea
    I am currently in this program and would like to let people know what this program is like before applying.

    I would tell people to avoid this program at all cost!! This program is all about money! Before even applying the staff would tell me how there would be as much help as the regular BSN program and that you would not have to worry about getting your questions answered. WRONG. The main and sometimes only form of communication would be through email. I don't mind having my questions answered through email but they would lag and sometimes not even answer the questions. If you are lucky to even receive a reply it would be the mostly be a reference to a page number in the textbook. Some of the lecture recordings would just be a professor reading off the notes. Pretty much useless.

    Also, the whole 90% to pass on test wouldn't be bad if they ran this program like the way they do for the pharmacy program. For example there were questions on a test that were so vague that most if not all the class would get wrong. When these questions were challenge the professors would refuse to reason with the students. They literally would state the page number from a textbook and move on. I do not believe this is the right way to go things especially when 2/3 of the class failed the test. I do not believe that some of these professors hold any compassion towards their students and it is all about the tuition. If given the chance I would have not applied to this program.
  12. by   Tex201
    Hi There!
    I am an alumni of Roseman's ABSN Program . The program did require most of us to obtain Federal and Private Loans (federally insured). If your credit is not so good (and who doesn't have credit challenges in this economy), it may be hard to get a loan unless you have a co-signer. One good thing is that if you can get a co-signer your interest rates will be lower. Depending on the source of Private loans, the loan company will allow the co-signer to be dropped from the loan after 2-3 years of "on-time" payments on your loan. That might help a relative to co-sign without the fear of being stuck on the loan until fully re-paid.

    Best of luck!
  13. by   greyctoLV
    Hi Tex201,

    I'm going to start the ABSN program this Oct and I was wondering if it would be a good idea to hold onto my A&P bio books during the program for reference. I'm moving to Nevada for the program so I don't want to get rid of something I might need. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.