New Grad Moving Las Vegas

  1. Hello All,

    I am a new RN grad. Ive been a LPN since '14 and recently got a ADN from Kent state in Ohio. Looking to relocate to Las Vegas. ( I cant deal with the gray in cleveland. Also not from Ohio)

    Any advice to secure a hospital job? Im looking to work for a hospital. Ive applied for the HCA new grad program but havent heard anything. Do they accept ADNs from out of state? I see tons of nursing jobs, but they all require experience. Its a catch 22 sadly.

    I dont want to move there without a job. I have no family/friends there to even put a Las Vegas address.

    Any help will be appreciated. Im looking to move out there ASAP. I can liquidate everything and be out there within 2.5 weeks.
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  3. by   ICUman
    Valley Health System owns six hospitals in the valley, and they hire new graduates on a frequent basis even into specialty areas. I think you'll have the best chance if you were to apply with them. If hired, ask if they can provide relocation assistance to help you out financially. ADN nurses are everywhere in Las Vegas.
  4. by   llxzachxll
    I believe I did apply there. RN1 are the jobs I was applying to. Its frustrating because I cant do face to face interviews since Im in Ohio.
  5. by   ICUman
    Request a phone interview if possible, they may accommodate that. That's worked for me before.
  6. by   llxzachxll
    Not having any luck. im a ADN, with no hospital experience. I believe these are all negatives. Im
    just flabbergasted considering nurses are needed. I see over 100 job postings but need experience of like 2+ years.
  7. by   Dean Uguan
    Just guessing, here. Maybe, employers aren't convinced way-out-of-town applicants are serious about moving to Las Vegas. The key might be that you have to get past that hurdle. I'm not sure how one would do that, ideally you would be in direct contact with a hiring manager. Do you have family members, here or lived here previously? One of the local hospital system always asked when I'm moving to Las Vegas and I answer that I already live here. I'm applying for CNA, UC, ED tech, tele tech jobs, etc.
  8. by   llxzachxll
    No. im just liquidating everything and moving. Im shacking up with someone I met an on app. I plan to hit eh ground running finding a job then going from there
  9. by   ICUman
    You'll find a job here, no doubt.
    Interestingly enough, when I lived out of state and applied in Las Vegas, I used my existing family member's address who were LV residents and had no trouble being called for interviews.

    Also OP... Spring Valley and Summerlin Hospitals hold RN job fairs every 6 months or so. Hop online to find the next one maybe.
  10. by   Dean Uguan
    OP: In case you missed it, UMC has posted new grad openings. UMC is a public, safety net, teaching hospital with a Level One trauma center and an old fashioned pension plan. If and when I graduate from from nursing school, I'd be thrilled to start there.