Lower Pay In Dr.'s Office????

  1. ok so i'm thinking if i wanted to jump into peds right away i would apply at a few pediatrician's offices, but would i take a dramatic pay cut if i chose an office over a hospital? what are the pros and cons? Thanks.
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  3. by   MALE*RN*777
    I find and this is my own experiences from Dr.'s offices nurses that I know that the pay is less, the benefits (if any) are less and you better get along with the doctor because he/she is the only one you will deal with. But if you don't need the higher pay, the great benefits and want weekends, some holidays, snow days, free drug rep lunches etc. then the doctors office is the place to be.
  4. by   caliotter3
    Everything that MaleRN777 said is true from what I have heard. A relative worked in a 3 MD practice w/several other office personnel. Two of the MDs were bears and would rag out the workers right in front of pts. They paid low and the working arrangements changed once the person started working, (example: different workdays w/weekends thrown in). Job duties changed also. It turned into put up with it or move on. Of course, all workplaces can be like this. But the general idea is that you can expect lower pay for MD ofcs b/c the hours are supposed to be better and you are supposed to have a better working atmosphere. Maybe, maybe not.
  5. by   MikeyJ
    A clinic (physicians office) will almost ALWAYS pay less. It just has to do with the fact that a physician cannot afford to pay his personal RN staff what a hospital can afford. It comes down to economics. Furthermore, most physician offices don't employ RN's anymore. There are some that still do; however, it is more beneficial to hire an LPN or even CNA's in some cases.
  6. by   tinkyboo
    Mos them I know hire medical assistants or LPNs. So ther would be a huge pay difference.
  7. by   KellNY
    Oh god, a HUGE pay difference. Sick. I make over $60k/yr plus great health benefits (incl free vision and dental--I pay about $40 a month for health bens for myself).

    At a doctors office I'd be making between $12-$20 an hour roughly, plus paying into my benefits much more than I am now.

    This is in NY, but the pay difference is everywhere, and usually proportionate to what I've described.
  8. by   MikeyJ
    However, if you like the clinic atmosphere, there are plenty of options still available. For example, there is always public health (usually the pay is a little lower, but not drastically low, and benefits usually make up for it). Also, look into community health. I used to work (not as a nurse) at a pre-natal clinic called the Family Resource Center at UMC hospital. The nurses loved their job because the clinic provided an awesome atmostphere and were payed exactly what the nurses were payed in the hospital.