Is It True That Nevada Has A Severe Nurses Shortage ?

  1. I Was Just Reading The Prayer Thread Posted Today....and It Was Written About A Desperate Shortage There.
    Does Anyone Know If This Is True? And, If True, What Is Accounting For It ?
    I'd Love To Work In Vegas. How's Vegas?
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  3. by   caroladybelle
    Right now, there is a major nursing strike going on in Vegas. The main bone of contention is poor patient to nurse ratios. There are a couple of threads around here about it.
  4. by   k3immigrant
    i don't know but i don't believe that there is shortage of nurses.there are a lot of nurses but there is shortage of nurses that would like to do bedside nursing.
    i work w/ the only hospital in the valley that have patient ratio as stated in out contract but when we are short staffed, we have to take the extra patients.
  5. by   Medwynn
    A lot of nursing jobs are available at the hospital i work for here in Reno. Look under joe openings... it's the same with all the hospitals in northern nevada.
  6. by   lllliv
    K3 hit the nail on the head. in my opinion.

    alot of nurses here are trying to get out of floor nursing. management treats you so crappy.

    i've seen alot of good nurses get fed up and leave my hospital not only because of the work you are required to do with less staff(and this is because management wants that # of staff) but because of the way management treats us.

    we are supposed to staff by accuity but that is a joke. and now we are going for magnet status.