I have damn had it with nevada

  1. Not only has UNLV said it but now NSC has too. I can't EVER be in their respective nursing programs. Why? Because I took College Algebra too many times. Nearly 10 years ago!!! I'm just going to take this as an ominous sign. I see that if I want a BSN it won't come from Nevada. I am freakin' so NOT paying that high-ass tuition at Touro for a nursing degree. Not when I should be able to pay in-state tuition and go to UNLV or NSC.

    Then on top of this crap, there really are limited jobs here. Granted it's limited everywhere but I am sick of the media screaming of the nursing shortage (I include the RN, LPN & CNA in this). as many times as I see positions needing to be filled, they seem to only want significantly experienced personnel.

    I'm getting real fed up with Nevada........
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  3. by   smallnurse10
    I understand you are upset, but there are just too many applicants. Go to CSN and be done with it. It is much much cheaper than Touro and you won't have to move. You can bridge when you are finished.
  4. by   scjunglebeats
    Darn schools are just retarded.
  5. by   unlvguy
    The sad thing is you dont really use too much algebra in nursing. Basic math yes, but algebra for the most part no!
    All of the math I did in nursing school, and all of the drug calculations are really quite easy with practice3. I hate math and suck at math and have no problem with the calculation in school. I just graduated and passes all of my math for meds classes with A's
  6. by   mmt4
    Wow, what is too many times? Honestly 10 yrs is so long ago the logical thing for them to do would be to give you one chance to re-take it as a current course and get an acceptable grade.

    I agree to look at CSN and see what they say.
  7. by   moneyline702
    I have a counseling appointment with CSN tomorrow. I got that C in math when I was 25 years old (almost 35 now). I am very disappointed with the selection criteria for the BSN programs here. Too many times is 3. The last one was nearly 10 years ago. Their math requirement is either College Algebra or College Math. Since I took the College Algebra so long ago I suggested taking the College Math course and using that grade. They both said no. So I am very ****** that I can't earn a BSN in Nevada because I got a "C" in MATH 124 back in 2001.

    Nothing at all against the ADN students here at CSN because they're awesome. But I had in my mind that if I was going to pursue an RN license that I would want a BSN. I hate to have a stupid and ridiculous rule keep me or anyone from a degree. I understand that the schools want the best and brightest applying and that's great. This rule they have is idiotic and archaic. There's no way it can justify exclusion over a ten-year-old class.

    Essentially they are telling me that because I got a C and took the class three times (actual times taken was once, I dropped the class twice over work scheduling) I can't handle the computational rigors of nursing school. Nevermind the science GPA of 3.71 that includes Biology (for science majors), General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry & Physics (non-calculus based mind you). But I'm not able to handle the course load....

    UNLV. NSC. ----- WHATEVER! **** off!!
  8. by   mmt4
    Well that does suck.

    I took college pre-calc/college Algebra (same thing different school) twice, first for a D because I screwed around and did not put in the work, and second time for an A. But that was 20 yrs ago and I can assure you I not only hardly remember some of the more arcane and rarely used parts of that class, I also do not remember a stitch of the Calculus I took in 1994.

    Its almost contradictory what is going on b/c if math were that important, they should make you re-take the class as a current one - and if it is not that important, a C is passing....

    *shrug* guess you just have to go with the flow and try not to be frustrated.

    Have you considered USN? I know they are probably as expensive as Touro but the BSN there is 18 mos straight (no summer break) so it is like UNLV's program in terms of length.
  9. by   RespiratoryRobbie!!!
    honestly id just go for the associates degree at csn its faster and much cheaper than the rest you dont even have to take college algebra or math you can choose to take math 100b which is math for health sciences and all it is is drug calculations and dosaging which was pretty easy when i took it hope this helps
  10. by   JacobK
    Quote from R0b3RtseesSTARS
    honestly id just go for the associates degree at csn its faster and much cheaper than the rest you dont even have to take college algebra or math you can choose to take math 100b which is math for health sciences and all it is is drug calculations and dosaging which was pretty easy when i took it hope this helps
    Actually, at CSN it takes the same amount of time to get an ADN as it does to get a BSN at NSC, and takes more time than a BSN at UNLV. Also, although it is cheaper to get the ADN alone, it will cost you more in the end to get the ADN, and then take a bridge program from an ADN to BSN, than it would to go for the BSN the first time.
  11. by   RNFiona
    I left Vegas to go to nursing school in NJ(where I am from originally). Vegas had a 3 year waiting list and that was 13 years ago. I feel ya
  12. by   mmack
    Hi, this might be a silly question but I didn't see anything about it so here I go lol.. Did you ask them if they will accept a CLEP instead of actually sitting in the class? I did that at UNLV (in 2003 mind you) for CompI and I also was able to test out of the Spanish 101 class there on campus. Maybe they might still do that? Don't worry it's like that in a lot of places. I'm currently in Oklahoma but on my way back to Nevada because it's a 3 year waiting list here. The advisor straight told me that my chances of getting in even then were slim (I only had a 3.1 GPA due to bombing math and chemistry). I am actually going to transfer to a for-profit school just to be done with it. I know it's way more expensive but I'm impatient and don't want to wait another 2-3 years for an associates degree anymore. I hope my suggestion helped and good luck!
  13. by   anie10

    What did you end up doing? I had the same result when contemplating UNLV back in 2010. Here it is 3 years later, and I've been accepted into an ADN program and will bridge.

    Hope you're doing well.