Everest College RN Program

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    Has anyone heard of any feedback regarding Everests RN program? Has anyone attended this school for RN in Henderson?

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  3. by   NavyGirl8701
    Did you get any info? I've been looking into them for some time but the only reviews I can find are not to go because it's too expensive.... Fortunately I'm not concerned with the cost but want to know about employability and being able to transfer to a rn to BSN after licensure
  4. by   AvaRose
    I just finished the RN program at Everest College-Henderson. The costs are fairly high but they did just change owners so that was lowered from what it was when I started the program. I passed my NCLEX in 75 questions on the first try thanks to the ATI program they use at Everest.
  5. by   NavyGirl8701
    Omg PLEASE tell me everything about this program!!! Every single person I talk to or comments on this site are usually so negative regarding price etc.. I'm not concerned with the price.. I want to know how was the actual program? The instructors? The daily schedule? Job prospects?
  6. by   NavyGirl8701
    I have I have been working with touro U and just received an email that hey have discontinued their BSN program so now in back at square one! I know CSN is a great legroom but i just feel like 2 years is a waste for just the core classes!
  7. by   AvaRose
    Well..where to start..Everest starts new cohorts each quarter (every 3 months) so there should be one starting in October. You have to take the entrance exams (Wonderlic and either TEAS or HESI...not sure what they are using now that they switched to mostly ATI testing). The prereqs are included in your program along with the nursing classes so you'll have Anatomy I & II, Microbiology, History, English I & II, Psych and several more gen ed classes. Clinicals start with your Fundamentals II class and you start out in a nursing home setting. The cost is about $38,000 now and you can get financial aid...If you are a veteran the school also works with the VA. Job prospects are the same as any other school as in it is hard to get a new grad position but not impossible it just takes a lot of applications. Plus you'll need the job to get into the RN to BSN programs since they require you to be working as an RN for admission. Most of my class will be enrolling in WGU (Western Governors University) for that portion of their education. The pass rate for my cohort as of now is 100% with I think 3 people still to take their NCLEX.
  8. by   NavyGirl8701
    Wow 38k is not bad from what I hear that's what it used to cost a year! And yes I am a VA student so that's why I'm not worried about the cost. I have most of my pre read done except micro and us/nv history. And just from asking around On the boards and other places people always make it seem like Everest is a waste of money because you won't be able to get an job... But for some reason I have been drawn to Everest... I heard about the new ownership... Is Everest fully approved now? And how has the job market been looking for your cohort?
  9. by   NavyGirl8701
    And what about being able to transfer to a BSN? Everywhere else tells horror stories of not being able to transfer because of their for profit statusb
  10. by   AvaRose
    They are nonprofit now and fully accredited which is the important part. So yes, I know that at least WGU will take the credits (and they are the cheapest for RN to BSN at only $3300 for 6 months of classes plus you can CLEP out of classes if you feel you can pass the test).
  11. by   NavyGirl8701
    Wait wait wait r u saying that they now have a bridge to BSN? And they are non profit now ? I'm sold! I'll be calling them Monday!!! And I'm sure I'll be picking your brain more soon!
  12. by   AvaRose
    No Everest doesn't do the BSN yet (though they are working on starting a program soon) but Everest credits transfer to WGU and to many other schools now that Everest has full accreditation. If you want to PM me I can give you my name as a recommendation to the director ------------------- or the Assistant -------------------whomever is handling admissions right now if you feel you want a possible leg up so to speak. Let me know what other information you need.
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  13. by   NavyGirl8701
    I'll definitely pm you! But I feel like theres not enough info on lv nursing schools outside of CSN! So hopefully others can see this too!!! How many people did you start with and how many graduates on time?
  14. by   AvaRose
    My original cohort started with 40 but I had some trouble with a clinical so I ended up in the next cohort which had also started with 40 but we ended up graduating 10...many students had trouble with Adult II (Med-Surg II) or Advanced (Critical Care) because the teachers for those classes are very strict with their requirements. The average graduating class is between 10-15. Don't let that stop you though, it is not that much different than CSN or UNLV...they just start with more students. I just didn't want to give my real name on the message board but if you would like it for when you call for information (something like xxx referred me to your program) then just ask I found the information because I first did the Medical Assistant program at Everest and then decided to just go for it and get into the RN program.