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Hi everyone! Who among you guys are going to apply for the 2017 track? Either Spring or 2017! What classes are u still doing? Have you guys attended the Health Orientation already? I'm... Read More

  1. by   NavyGirl8701
    No theyre not. I'll tell you this tho... I spoke with the director of nursing and she had said that IF a student has all the required science courses except bio189... they could then take chemistry / patio etc to substitute.. she specifically said another science that would transfer to a BSN program... in not sure how you would go about that sibcebinjustbopted for 189 anyway.. but I would call her and ask about it..
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  2. by   DanielleRNstudent
    What is a fairy tee? lol sorry not sure if that's good or not.

    Also I just called the school they informed me that if you have taken all three biology's such as micro, physiology, and anatomy, then they will take a substitution for the bio 189 you just send the form in for the substitution if you took Chem =)
  3. by   queenlyblessed
    I would advise to check with the department or an adviser to ensure you are getting the correct information
  4. by   DanielleRNstudent
    I called the department today, a few moments ago, If you complete Microbiology, Physiology, and Anatomy you can substitute biology 189 with Chemistry but those course MUST be complete. ------------- is who I spoke with she said that is the one they allow substitution for however you still have to do the paper work asking for substitution so if you have the three main Bio classes completed and a Chemistry course but are worried about Biology 189 it can be substituted for Chemistry =). This made me very happy as now I need to find out if they accept my Sociology Statistics course lol its a never ending process but they have to evaluate it which takes 8 to 10 weeks if your from out of state so hopefully I'm good with this course if not then I will just take the Math 120 prior to the 3rd semester per the ASN regular track form for fall 2017. I am so nervous and do hope that 40 points is ampule enough to make it into the program.
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  5. by   andreams20
    It could be the same. I'd pull up that course description and compare it with bio 189 from CSN and see how similar they are.
  6. by   va11ey
    I keep seeing this on the post about CSN... CNA isn't a requirement for ADN 2017 for spring or fall...I asked the director of nursing about it and she stated there are NO CHANGES FOR PREREQS IN 2017
  7. by   ellebelle
    I just want to know if there's anyone applying for Fall 2017 with a KAT memo? Also has anyone taken the new TEAS test, if so how is it? Do you think they'll be giving out waivers/memos for this test too?
  8. by   bellaniko
    Someone please explain the KAT memo... I am desperately trying to get into the ADN program for Fall 2017 LPN Bridge as I've taken the LPN program at CSN... I really cannot delay this any longer... However... It all depended on whether I passed this KAT exam today or not. I scored really really high for all categories EXCEPT for the Science portion, which I'm very upset at myself but after reading all your posts, it seems as though that this memo may just solve my problem & help me get into the program. Who, what, where will I get this memo from? I'm guessing my best bet is to speak to someone in the nursing office but if someone here could provide me with better insight on this, would greatly appreciate it!
  9. by   susielynnk
    Hey all! I myself am aiming to apply Fall 2017. I still have 223/224/251 and the TEAS left on my plate. Tall order, but I think I can manage it! ANYWAY, I was trying to look into taking the TEAS in Jan/Feb at CSN, but on the CSN website it's a bit confusing cause when I click on the TEAS link under the Pre-Admission Testing section, it pulls up a 7 page PDF for "CSN Dental Hygiene Program TEAS Pre-Admission Exam." Am I missing something here, or is this the acceptable TEAS link to follow/abide by for the ADN program too???
  10. by   andreams20
    I am applying for fall too. I took the KAT, so I'm not familiar with the Teas. Try calling the office at
  11. by   mandaalovess
    Hey everyone! I am applying for fall too. I just finished all my prereqs and just took the Kaplan test this past Saturday. I believe the deadline for fall is March 1st. I wonder how many people are going to apply this fall. There were a lot of people who applied for this past Spring cohort.
  12. by   Sarahmarie1021
    Hey! I just discovered this website and made an account
    Does anyone know the deadline for applying to the ADN program for fall 2017? I looked on the website and thought it was this past march, but a friend told me she believes it is still open ? I am doing the orientation in January and will find out then I suppose, but if anyone knows that would be great!
  13. by   Sarahmarie1021
    Okay I finally got ahold of someone at the office, they said this coming march is deadline for fall 2017, and September is deadline for spring 2018. I'm going to be taking bio 223 in march and won't finish it until June, so I can't apply I was hoping they would let me apply since the class will be in progress but nope. Looks like I have to apply for spring 2018. I graduate from UNLV this may with a bachelors in psychology, so I'll have like a couple extra months to work before I can apply for spring 2018.i wish they would let me apply with that class in progress ! Oh well.

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