Arizona college of nursing

  1. Anyone currently enrolled at Arizona college of nursing in Las Vegas ? If so , how do you like it ?
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  3. by   NavyGirl8701
    I've been looking too! I had a meeting with them last week but didn't go. One thing I do know from there website is that they are only provisionally approved in Nevada but aren't CCNE or ACEN approved
  4. by   Snemati34
    I went on the tour and I really loved the school. They are in a process to get more accreditation.They are also opening evening classes. My GPA is really good so it's between chamberlain and Arizona.
  5. by   NavyGirl8701
    Best quality of Arizona is they admit every 8 weeks. It only 1-2 times a year
  6. by   Snemati34
    You have been to the school ? I'm talking about the Vegas campus ?
  7. by   NavyGirl8701
    I'm also talking about the Las Vegas campus. I haven't been but I've been talking to them a lot lately. They start classes every 8 weeks where chamberlain and the rest only do it 1-2 times a year
  8. by   Snemati34
    Ok , yea , chamberlain is three times a year. I called Nevada state nursing and they told me it's a good school but it's a new school. I might just stick with chamberlain. Good luck to you !!
  9. by   Pink_poprock
    Hey guys I know this post is kind of late but I went to Arizona college in Las Vegas. They are a great school I loved going there my only issue was that credits do not transfer out. My husband got a job in northern nv and I was like oh cool I'll just transfer all the credits I had (13) at the time to UNR to continue my bachelor's only come to find out they aren't accepted at any school besides Keiser University. So thats my only down fall the classes I did were stats chem psychology and math passed all of them and chem is hard as hell. I kinda wish I would have just done Chamberlain since it's a devry school the credits probably would have transferred over to the devry school in Reno. But oh well. I would recommend it if you are planning to stay in Vegas overall the school is awesome and the staff is too! Good luck guys
  10. by   Snemati34
    Are you graduating from this school? Please let me know.
  11. by   Pink_poprock
    No I stopped going because I was not able to attend in reno, i know it's costly but you take 2 classes every 2 months and the books are included intuition after that you probably could get a pretty penny if you decide to sell them. They try to work with you most of the time depending on the prerequisites needed you'll probably be going Mon through Friday sometimes Saturday. I didn't get to the actual nursing courses but all the staff is amazing and the dean at the college was the dean of nursing at UNLV.
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  12. by   Lvnlifestyle714
    I went to Arizona college school of nursing about 3 weeks ago, the staff were super nice and informative! The take transfer preqs classes from city college