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Hello, I am brand new to this site and I am very impressed. Apollo College is waiting on their approval for their nursing program here in Reno, NV; therefore, they do not have much listed on... Read More

  1. by   MissAmberCNA
    Quote from Taren Koren
    Hello there Shar81. My name is Taren - I am new here to allnurses - and I just called the Apollo college in Reno about their nursing program. Do you know when their next class starts? I asked the girl at admissions over the phone and she said I would have to come to an information session. Before I drive 3 hours one way, I was hoping someone could tell me If you get the chance, Id really appreciate it!!! Thanks . Good luck everyone!!! Bye!
    Hello Taren...
    You do have to attend the info session. However I can tell you that classes for this semester start August 31st. They do generally accept transfer credits. I want to warn you that their credits DO NOT transfer to other schools with the exception of other independent or nationally accrdited schools. The price tag is quite high. I am starting at semester 3 with a $50,000 cost!!
    I am simply tired of waiting to get into another school in the area.
    If you have other questions, let me know!
  2. by   lacosa
    Hi, Miss Amber

    Why is it 50K? Did they change the price or something?
  3. by   MissAmberCNA
    Quote from lbresil
    Hi, Miss Amber

    Why is it 50K? Did they change the price or something?

    I am paying $47,000, I have signed all my paperwork and all.
    Did you pay or were you told a different price?

  4. by   MissAmberCNA
    Quote from MissAmberCNA
    I am paying $47,000, I have signed all my paperwork and all.
    Did you pay or were you told a different price?


    I must correct myself.
    I am starting at Semester 3, with all Nursing classes.
    I am taking Fundamentals and Pharmacology. Communications is also a scheduled semester 3 class, but I already took it and transfered it in.
    I am paying $36,000.
    This price includes your uniform, books, and tutition.

    Sorry for seeming misleading.
  5. by   vegas2009
    Quote from massagechick
    charging the same amount of money in two years on a dead end degree that i'll be spending on my entire undergrad within the university/college system is criminal! examine this institution closely!!!
    I was also thinking of going to Apollo myself, but the cost really irked me off! I mean it has a faster program to be a nurse BUT, with the job economy and all. . . "faster" is almost a joke now. Schools like Apollo should have a wake-up call! Charging that much for a nursing degree, that doesn't guarantee jobs anymore. I also want a master's someday, and not have my pre-req/nursing classes be questioned if they can be credited or not. Oh please, they CAN be "credited" for other online schools? It's a good school if one is desperate enough to be a nurse and not plan to advance their degree, but the school needs a reality check with w/ how much they charge $$$$.
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  6. by   Winningjob
    It is my understanding that not only University of Phoenix but Chamberlain School of Nursing (also owned by Devry) and University of Phoenix will take the credits. I have also heard that any RN to BSN program (NOT ASN/ADN to BSN) may be an option since you already are licensed.
  7. by   MissAmberCNA
    Yes, Winningjob...you are correct.

    The director of nursing at the Reno campus is working on NLN accrediation currently too. Which can open up the opportunity to get a higher degree at other universities (ie UNR) also.

    So for those who may call Apollo Students "desparate"...at the end of the day, we too can get a higher degree. And yes, I will pay more to get this finished and to get into the workforce. I actually have a life and things to do.
    Graduation Dec 2010..HERE I COME!
  8. by   Winningjob
    MissAmberCNA...Dec 2010 is so close! You must be very excited! Congrats!
  9. by   Winningjob
    Does anyone know how many are able to get enough financial aid to cover costs? I just applied for an administrative review of my Chapter 31 (Vocational Rehabilitation through the Veterans Administration) but should that not come through I am a little worried. What has the experience been for everyone?
  10. by   MissAmberCNA

    I was able to get enough financial aid to cover my tutition. I had to take out a secondary private loan (with Wells Fargo) in addition to my federal loans.
    I have NO idea about VA benefit and student assistance.

    Have a good day!
  11. by   bombay
    Hi Amber
    Can you email me I have some questions about Apollo. Please email me at passlptexam@yahoo.com
  12. by   Leilani1983
    Ok so I have a couple questions for anyone who is or has attended Apollo (Carrington Now) in Reno. I've been speaking with admissions about the hesi entrance exam and they're saying that they aren't supposed to give out much info about the test and to ask someone who has taken it. Mostly I want to know which subjects to really study for. I've been reading a lot that all schools are diffenent when it comes to which subjects are required. Also I'm wondering if there is an interview process??? I honesty just thought you apply, make sure you can afford it, and you're in...but that doesn't seem to be the case. I was told today that usually about 100 apply and they only take the top 32 each semester. Any pointers to help me would be great!