Anyone working at Washoe Medical Center?

  1. Hi guys and gals
    I'm about to graduate with ADN in December 2005. My wife and I are moving to Reno by the end of december. I was wondering if anyone of you guys are working at Washoe Medical center can give me more information about the hospital as far as the new grad training program is concerns and who should I talk to about the program. Thanks
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  3. by   SanFranSRNA
    They may not have any nursing shortage in Reno. I called the nurse recruiter office and left a message and no one call me back. :angryfire
  4. by   Race Mom
    I would try again. You never know what could have happened. Maybe they...
    Couldn't understand your number
    You forgot to mention your area code
    New person accidentally erased instead of hitting play
    Recruiter quit
    Recruiter is on sick leave

    I believe in giving another oppotunity to them. I don't live there, so I don't know the situation. Keep us posted and good luck in your final semester!!!

  5. by   1Tulip
    Human resources at Washoe is a circus and the people working there are all clowns. I applied for a job that was posted, and there was no follow up. I decided to make it my business to call the recruiter twice a week until I learned something concrete... either yes or no. I can't count how many calls I made until I got an interview. After my interview with the nurse manager I was told "welcome aboard!" and assured I had the position. But I never heard another word. The paperwork went back to HR and disappeared into their black hole. Seems they changed managers for that unit (it's a new observation unit and they decided to put it under the ICU manager instead of the ER manager.) No one told her about applicants for her three empty positions. I'm now talking directly with the new manager and together we're cutting HR out of the loop. Every nurse you talk to at Washoe Miracle Center will tell you that you have to stay on these people like ugly on ape or you'll never get hired.

    So, short answer is... yes, you can get a job. But you have to push your way through the HR brick wall. Keep calling, keep the pressure on them.

    For people moving to Reno... the other hospital in town (St Mary's) is in desperate financial condition. There have been tons of lay offs. People in town are wondering when they'll start eliminating nurse positions.

    Good luck. Welcome to Reno. It really is a swell part of the country. Quality of life as good or better than any CA Golden State city but with less taxation and much better government.
  6. by   SanFranSRNA
    1Tulip Thank you very much for your words of wisdom. I called and left several messages but still no reply. I mean, shouldn't they be the one calling us to work there? Geez...If I didn't have to move there because of my wife I would never ever try to get a job there at Washoe. I think that the next thing to do is to call the hospital and ask to speak to the nurse manager. Thanks you much. I"ll keep you guys updated on my "Washoe medical center adventure"
  7. by   Medwynn
    You may want to try and contact JoAnn Suneson @ if you have not already done so. I don't have her direct line.

    Current washoe RN new hires start at 23.96 / hr
  8. by   SanFranSRNA
    Medwynn so are you working at washoe now? If so, how do you like it?
  9. by   Medwynn
    I do not work there. I am doing my clinical rotation as a nursing student. I will apply as an Apprentice Nurse in march 06.

    Is there anyone on this board who works at Washoe Medical Center that can answer jakethai's question?
  10. by   Licrite1919
    Just a different perspective with my experience interviewing for washoe medical center. I had an absolute awesome experience and HR was on the ball with everything for me. I live on the Gulf Coast which is quite far and my recruiters did a wonderful job flying me out there, answering all my questions, and setting me up with 2 interviews in positions I have interest in. I met the nurse managers, clinical supervisors, and took a tour of the hospital. They also scheduled a real estate tour for me upon my request and I was able to get a really good look at Reno in all aspects. I was very impressed with Washoe's facilities. I was treated professionally and they were the ones honored to have me there, not the other way around. I had a really nice experience at Washoe Medical.
  11. by   cariad
    I was talking to a travel recruiter who is offering jobs at this hospital
  12. by   SanFranSRNA
    Well I spoke to someone at St' Mary and she was really nice. If Washoe doesn't get their acts together, they are going to lose one potential employee. Hehe..
  13. by   1Tulip
    Good luck either way. I'm sure you will like Reno. Generally great climate. Small enough to be able to get around easily, large enough to have all the ammenities. A good University and Community College, year round recreation, all the arts (ballet company, regional opera, symphonic and chamber orchestras), top rated restaurants, show rooms that feature nationally known (and some soon to be discovered) talent. Crime is not too bad. Public schools vary, but if you work with your realtor he/she will be able to point you to neighborhoods with excellent grammar and high schools.
  14. by   LilRedRN1973
    I agree with the poster who had a wonderful experience. I applied in the middle of December 2003 in the ICU at the end of my first semester of nursing school and a week later, was hired. So was my classmate. Then, when it was time to move up to Apprentice Nurse II, I was again signed up in the ICU almost immediately. They also held my job for 2 months while the Board of Nursing got their act together to give me my IP. I've now been a staff nurse for 3 months and have enjoyed the 22 months at this facility. HR was wonderful to me, Recruitment/Retention has also been great, and my supervisors are amazingly supportive. The staff here has made my transition from Apprentice I to Apprentice II to RN unbelievably smooth and I appreciate everything this place has done for me.

    I drive 30 minutes for $2 less an hour than the hospital in my backyard for a reason. The administration, my supervisors, and staff are great. I'm going on 2 years now and have no intention of leaving, even though the hospital that is 5 minutes from my house is opening up new and beautiful facility. I'm very happy here. And Jake, I have all the information you emailed me and I will pass it along to my supervisor in the ICU.....I can't help you with the ER because I am not familiar with any of the people in charge down there.

    Melanie = )