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Hi guys and gals I'm about to graduate with ADN in December 2005. My wife and I are moving to Reno by the end of december. I was wondering if anyone of you guys are working at Washoe Medical... Read More

  1. by   SanFranSRNA
    Hey Melanie...thanks so much for you help. I'll definitely put your name down as a referal person. I'll moving this december....
    Hopefully I'll see you later
  2. by   Euskadi1946
    Tulip I lived in Reno and Northern Calif for 28 years from 1967 to 1995 and miss Reno so much. I'm so sorry to hear about St. Mary's. I worked there off and on from 1967 to 1992 and I'm receiving a small pension from them. It always had an excellent reputation for patient care both when the Dominican Sisters ran it and after St. Mary's Corporation was established. Please PM me every now and then about the news at both hospitals. I worked with some very nice people at both Washoe Med and St. Mary's.
  3. by   1Tulip

    St. Mary's launched an agressive building program a couple of years ago and may have over-extended themselves. I find it hard to believe that it would tank completely and dry up and blow away. More likely they are looking for capital which means (just a guess... rumors abound) that they are looking for buyers. I have heard one rumor that a California Catholic hospital consortium may buy it.
  4. by   pinefarmgirl
    I live near Reno, and I am also applying there. I know that they only accept online applications, no paper. When I opened their ap to look at it to make sure I had all my details together to fill it out, then clicked the x to close the ap, it was automatically sent.ooppss! so what I'm saying is I sent them an application that was blank, except it had my name on it. I was really surprised when this nice recruiter called me two days later and wanted to set up an interview with the dept. manager!
    Anyway, I do know that the ER recruiter is Carmen Roth- I don't know the phone number. You are probably done applying by now, but others might want to know my ?

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  5. by   cariad
    i am starting a travel assignment in washoe shortly.......on the med/surg floor, going to be nights. so any input will be helpful, otherwise i will let you know what its like after i get there.
  6. by   1Tulip
    I've heard a rumor that they have a freeze on hiring per diem nurses. Obviously they still need nurses since they are using travelers. Makes no sense to me. I will do some more calling around after the holidays.
  7. by   LilRedRN1973
    I know in our unit, we have cut WAY back on travelers. In fact, at the last staff meeting, we were told that by this summer, we will be traveler free. Not bad considering when I started in December 2003, we were about 65% travelers.

    Melanie = )
  8. by   rjbaileyrn
    I worked Washoe ER days for Fastaff two years ago. Made $37/hr plus $200/week expense money, 48 hr gaurantee. Love dthe place. Great staff including the ER docs. Everyone first name basis. Had a great time. Great town to be in. Fastaff has night ER opening right now, I believe.
  9. by   1Tulip
    Quote from 1Tulip
    I've heard a rumor that they have a freeze on hiring per diem nurses. Obviously they still need nurses since they are using travelers. Makes no sense to me. I will do some more calling around after the holidays.

    Update: If there was a freeze, it's thawed. I'll be starting sometime this month.
  10. by   h2obie
    My wife and many friends work there in the ER. Right now it is such a screwed up place the management gives a crap about the nurses and that is what makes the hospital run. I am encouraging her to quit. I hate that hospital with a passion. I used to like it but with them not caring about getting more nurse everone is worried about loosing there lic.
    They are so short handed that half the ER closes in mid afternoon since there is only usually about 5 nurses on at night. 1 triage, 1 charge and hopefully 3 to split the rooms along with trauma. The CEOs and Upper management tell them to quit whining. They are putting all there money into the stupid tower. Also, there are so many AMA's now it is crazy and Ambulances are going to other hospitals because otherwise ther is no telling how long they will wait to drop off the pt..
    The hospital and there wisdom they are now paying all this money to do a study to find out why ambulances are having to wait so long. "Get your heads out Idiots"
    This is all true. Before you apply study hard and talk to nurses and even doc's in the ER they can confirm this. Very Sad.
    Be careful
  11. by   fantasie
    Jake, I know it has been awhile since your original post. Where did you end up? I have worked for both hospitals and they both have their good and bad points. (Can't speak for Northern NV, haven't worked there.) I have since moved out of the area and with today's gas prices can't afford the commute. Hope you like wherever you are working.
  12. by   SanFranSRNA
    Yes I ended up working up on the fourth floor CIC. I like it a lot. Can't really say that I LOVE it. I love my preceptors. I've learned a lot from them and will con't to learn a lot more from my peer. I love being on the code team at washoe especially at night time where the nurses, RT and MD really work together during codes.
    Thanks for asking
  13. by   cobwebbqueen
    I Know Washoe is a very Busy hospital and that they are expanding, However there is also St Mary's hospital and Nothern Nevada medical centre centre also in Reno. Perhaps you might be interested in applying there also. St Mary's is a really nice hospital.