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  1. by   yorkienurse

    I am new to and a recent RN grad hired directly into the Neuro ICU. Although I have some experience as an LPN, I am still nervous to start in an ICU...these links will help a lot. Any other words of wisdom?

  2. by   Laura77598
    How does one go about entering the neurosurgery area of nursing? I am only a student, not yet an RN, but I am quite interested in neurosurgery. I am also a former neurosurgical patient. I benefitted from brain mapping and epilepsy surgery. I had a temporal lobectomy about 15 years ago, and I feel like I have a unique perspective in this area. I haven't had any more seizures, and I really want to explore working in this area, but I don't know if I could enter neurosurgery as an ADN nurse. Any ideas on this?

    Thanks in advance,
  3. by   gwenith
    Here is the UK National Institute for health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) and the guidelines for head injury management

    I reviewed a lot of the links I have here the other day and found to my dismay that a lot of them need upgrading. At present I am caught up with organising a neuro day but will get back to updating this thread when I have finished

  4. by   mmsparkle
    I'm looking around as I have an interview for Neuro ICU tomorrow!
    Wish me luck![/quote]
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  5. by   mothership_2006
    Dear Gwenith
    I have recently taken a post in ICU, we cater for all conditions in one large room, and this has two cubicles for MRSA AND other infectious deseases, I am needing alot of advice, when to turn neuro cases post op, information about ventilators, of which I know nothing. Blood gases and limits on the machines. My problem is I have been given a pda by a family member and am looking for information to download to take to work, every site I know I must pay for the information, but if I dowmload to computer desktop the information is free. I am currently putting information onto the pda by hand are you able to help with places I may go to download onto the pda.
    I hear the music faintly.
    South Africa
  6. by   mothership_2006
    Hi there all
    Am now two month into ICU and loving it, am under constant supervision and have all the input I need from you all.
  7. by   gwenith
    You would be better checking this forum
  8. by   mothership_2006
    Thanks Gwenith

  9. by   msjangir
    Dear gwenith,
    thanks for all these interested links and :hatparty: resource material.
  10. by   straycat123
    Hi all,
    Do any of you where I can find national data that benchmarks % of stroke related complications. i.e., aspiration, pneumonia and UTI?

    Also does anyone have a source for complications rates associated with IV or IA tPA? Groin complications, systemic bleeding, MI, angioedema?

    thank you in advance
  11. by   tarty/sweet
    Thank you so much for this wealth of info. I am starting on a neurosurgery IMC next week and feel sooooo much better with all this valuable resources.
  12. by   msjag
    This video combines different types of brain imaging to visualize a brain tumor in a female patient.
  13. by   mrsspdloader
    Good Morning gwenith,
    That would be from North Carolina, USA. I have a family member that has progressive headaches. After many long hours of research I have come to the conclusion it may well be hemaplegic migraines, all his symptoms fit . Now my question to you is : at birth 44 years ago he had spina bifidia, however mild it was there. There are no deficits as he has been perfectly normal through out his adult life, working in law enforcement and also a tour of combat in the military. Could there be a correlation between the two? Also can you direct me as to where I may find information other than just googling. I am an Infusion nurse and neuro is out of my field of expertise, but I am always willing to learn new things .
    Thanks in advance for any information or direction you may have .